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  1. Hi Cybie20, Was told they are using their own in house brand.. hmmm! so can i bring my own thinkware DVR and get them to install? Any cost involved?
  2. Oh, I got the mountain grey. Looking at the grills first then rims. Hehe!
  3. Oh what model and colour you choose? How come in April? No never come with that..
  4. Nice!! Don't mind me asking, what color you got?
  5. Can I check if those accessories I see from Taobao are worth getting? Like vent clips, holders, logos etc. Thank you.
  6. Hi all, Hope to learn more about my upcoming new ride. expected arrival in Feb/Mar. welcome any pointers for future enhancements. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, am collecting my ride in Feb/Mar too. hope to know more from the bro/sis here. Cheers!
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