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  2. Dear friends, i drive a C180 Year 2012. Having some issue with my shock recently. The last time I change to after market shock was about 1 and a half year. Total mileage for the shock is about 70KM. Recently, the car is very jumpy and have a Long of noise when doing parking or sharp turn or heavy braking. Dont feel like going to my usual workshop as they keep saying nothing is wrong. I hope if anyone can recommend a reliable workshop that is good with shock, control arm and steering related services. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I'm driving a C class 2012. I understand that our vehicle temperature shown on the display since day 1 is around 90 degrees. Recently, I notice a drop in my temperature to around 85. Is it normal? Anything to worry about?
  4. Hi all, I'm driving a C180 Year 2011 Kompressor. Current set up, AMG 18" with Goodyear tyres, bilstein suspension and mounting, stock spring. I experience a weird cracking sound like from my front left hand, during: turning to right hand side on more than 30KM. U-turn even at low speed going up and down slope at condo car park when i'm moving right Sound is not observe during: normal straight right driving turning left at any speed reversing both left and right is ok too Not sure any senior can advise on this. Thank you!
  5. A big shout out to all the senior and friends in SGMERC. My car has passed the 3 year mark and I don't really see the point of servicing any further with C&C. Looking out for a good place that I can carry out my servicing every 15KM. If you have any good workshop to recommend, please kindly provide the details and give some review as well! Thanks!
  6. Hi people, I'm looking to downgrade from 18" back to Stock. Looking for brand new sets. Please contact me @ 84180530. Thanks!