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  1. Your SE is wrong. Maybe your SE meant that no need to polish. Most likely already polished before handing the car to you. Polishing is abrasive on the clearcoat, to remove light scratches, swirls, stains (if not too deep). Depending on how you wash the car, how often you wash, where you park, you may need to do polish once every 4 to 12months. Wax/Sealant is a protective layer on top of the clearcoat. Like a sacrificial layer. Should be applied after every wash or after every 2 washes as wax/sealant will wear out due to rain, car wash, dirt. Coating is also a layer on top of clearcoat. Supposed to last longer than wax/sealant. I'd recommend weekly car wash with the correct wash technique and equipment so as to minimise swirl marks. Sealant/Wax after every car wash. Polish every 6 to 12 months once you have collected enough swirl marks. White cars even more so you should wash often to prevent staining. On white cars, dirty water marks below some areas such as door handles, are more obvious compared to other colours. The issue of bumpers becoming yellowish (compared to the car body) is more obvious on white cars, and wax/sealant can help a little with this issue.
  2. Totally agree that the A45 looks so much better, nicer, sportier. RS3/S3/A3 hatch looks like a mini station wagon. Not my style.
  3. The you are leaving your paint work naked to the elements. It only takes an extra 15mins (quick wax) or 30mins (sealant) to protect your car.
  4. Washing twice a week, you really should not have any issues with water spots or stains if you do apply a protection layer of wax/sealant after each wash. And with the correct wash technique, swirls from washing should be a minimum too.
  5. Car hot will cool down within minutes of driving, turning on aircon, wind down windows. Paint stained and etched will need polishing, compound, re-coating. I guess try not to park in the open as much as possible.
  6. Welcome. Just a few simple rules to take care of your car paint. 1. Park in sheltered carpark if possible. 2. If have to park in the open, stay away from trees. Trees = birdshit, branches, leaves, tree sap, dirty rain water. 3. Bird shit must be wiped off immediately on sight. 4. Wash car once a week. Including application of top up spray wax. If time and energy allows, apply sealant/wax.
  7. It depends on what stains and how long the stains have been left on the car. You may have a chance with fresh, superficial stains but anything that has etched into the clearcoat will require some sort of abrasive cleaner, i.e cleaner wax, polish, compound. If you DIY stain removal incorrectly, you may end up causing more damage in the process such as swirls, marring and scratches.
  8. Not likely to be good enough for washing or waxing. It's only for those who really really cannot wash car with water. Should be last resort. Most probably will leave more swirl marks than regular wash. The wax in it should be minimum too, and probably won't last long.
  9. Lots of different brands and products out there. Just drop into shops such as autobacs and take a look. Autoglym, Meguairs, Sonax, etc. For me, it depends on time and energy. Sometimes I use spray wax such as Meguairs quick wax - spray and wipe. Sometimes I use a sealant or wax - apply, leave to dry, buff off.
  10. Wax or sealant will not remove the coating as long as they do not contain abrasives. Wax or sealant does not remove scratches or swirl marks. The best they can do is cover up some light swirl marks. But as Merc888 said, wax/sealant layer does not last for long. Only polishing or compound can remove scratches and swirls. Not deep scratches. Only light scratches that are not deeper than the clearcoat layer. I do apply wax/sealant on my coated car.
  11. Polish is abrasive and will remove coating layer. Coating layer needs to be re applied after compound / polishing.
  12. Think you need to read his post again. $5K price difference is when you trade in at the end of the day, PI vs AD car. $55K difference is new car purchase price, PI vs AD car.