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  1. Sold!
  2. I got my car from a PI, the car was ready stock in their showroom. The inspection took about 1.5 to 2 weeks after I placed the deposit. Still got my car ahead of what their estimated time line. My sales guy was eager for the car to be delivered as it was only after delivery that he gets his comm. I guess it comes down to which PI you got from and your personal relations with the sales staff.
  3. It is absolutely normal. I brake exactly like how you describe and realized that vibration, which disappears when I depress the brake harder. It is likely the DCT still trying to engage the creep mode because the brake has not been depressed beyond a certain point. Initially, I also encountered this when shifting to reverse after a stop but would get the message "Depress Brake to engage reverse" or something like that.
  4. How do you go about getting a software upgrade if its a PI car? Or will CNC provide this "at a price"?
  5. Hi all sorry to dig up an old thread. Looking for some comments from the community. What I’m curious about is I can “hear the gears changing” when coming to a stop from higher speeds where the gears tend to drop from around the 5th gear. Is this normal? Either I didn’t pick up on it when I got it or I’ve got some ultra-sensitive ears all of a sudden haha. No performance issues, just kinda feel uncomfortable with all that sound. I've had my CLA180 for slightly less than 3 weeks now with less than 1k clocked. Splendid until I started hearing some noises mid-2nd week. I’m aware of the 2 - > 1 downshift at a stop, and that the tranny behaves like a manual box during downshifts. I've been driving in C mode for the most part and kinda been babying the car so far.
  6. Sup everyone, just collected the keys to my cla180 a week ago. Looking for a community to belong to
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