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  1. Can anyone advice me what is the problem with my B Class as I keep hearing water rolling sound when I drive off from start or while I am driving, strange thing is sometimes its not there. Thanks for your kind advice!
  2. Hi all I need advice on strange water rolling sound heard when I start the B Class and when driving, sometime it just not there but most of the times quite loud, please let me know what caused this problem, thanks in advance for your advice!
  3. Hi all I JT here, am new to the club. I have 2 quetions: 1. why does the B180 will auto select the eco mode when I start the car, and why does it have a irritating jerk when the foot brakes is being release, is this normal? 2. is it advisable to buy a third party in car camera rather than buy it from Mercedes which cost a lot? Thanks in advance for your kind advice to a Beamer newbie Jason
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