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  1. Its from taobao...not sure the brand though. They provide alcohol swaps to clean the surface before pasting on. I guess that helps!
  2. Hi All! An update on the rim protector! After 10 months of self-installation, the rim protector is holding up very well. It has also served its purpose faithfully. My wheel (rear left) has brushed against the kerb several times during reverse parking, each time it is the protector that got scratches (see pic 2), while the rim is saved from kerb rashes.
  3. Wah! Yours lasted 3 yrs! Is it your drives are always long distances?
  4. How long did your stock battery last? Did u use the eco start/stop?
  5. Yes i got from taobao. But aliexpress also have.
  6. Yes, mine has sunroof. I will PM u the price and PI name. Thanks!
  7. You are refering to the price of the CLA 180 AMG Line? PI can get about 10K cheaper than C and C.
  8. To be precise, you are referring to CLA 180 AMG Line....its not the "real" AMG CLA 45 but just "normal" CLA fitted with AMG designed kit like AMG steering wheel with flat base, AMG Sports Rims, AMG front and rear body kits, AMG sports seat. I got my CLA 180 AMG line from a PI. You can go under SHOWROOM to see pictures of my ride. Thanks!
  9. Yes...the DIY double sided tape type. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. Bt batok. PM me for contact details. Thx!
  11. Sold! Selling stock mercedes wheel hub cap x 4. Used only 2 wks. One cap has v small scratch..see.pic 2. The other 3 as gd as new! $28 for 4.
  12. Thanks for advice! I took it and its done! Really matching now!
  13. DIY wheel rims protector. Hopefully stays for at least 6 mths!
  14. I am new CLA 180 owner. I always suspect that the eco start/stop may shorten the battery's life. Did you use eco start/stop for the last 2 yrs?