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  1. Thanks for the perspective
  2. 1. The AMG brakes do have grinding noises ultra slow speeds, known issues. I am not very sure about stock brakes though. I texted my workshop guy earlier to ask about your issue, he just said "some cars do have issues, they will change the brakes and no more issues". 2. I notice Merc wipers slower than some Jap Cars, but having said that even on the slowest setting in non extreme rain, a wipe will clear all water away. Glass cleaners do help. Could be wipers, maybe u can ask them change wipers on goodwill.
  3. Hey Guys, Gonna make the purchase of a E43 4Matic selling in my almost pristine C200. Just wanted to hear from current car owners on their thoughts on the monster after driving thus far ....
  4. Weird that they only release for Apple and not android. Any idea if it's only for audio 20 or also for comand?
  5. 1. Are you on avantgarde and RFTs? Feel RFTs are somehow rougher and less comfortable. 2. I also feel you as atleast for me, the car does not do well at low gears and low speed. Kinda jerky.
  6. I don't know which i like better, the view of the background or the car itself. Ill take both.
  7. Happy New Year to everyone .... I am planning for Phase 2 mods soon, wanted to get your opinions or recommendations: 1. AMG Lip Spoiler for W205 (body colour) 2. GFB DV+ 3. Blindspot Assist I am also toying with bringing the car down to 1.5 finger from the wheel, but im not keen on sacrificing ride comfort really. Is there any kits out there that can preserve comfort while lowered?
  8. Hey Guys, Inspired by Night Edition ...
  9. Sounds gd. Yeah I just got my brabus chip done today. Can feel the power ...
  10. My servicing is by mbm so warranty intact with piggy plugged in .... only brabus can hold warranty with them ...
  11. I am using the PowerXtra B20.2. There is definitely an increase in power, but I was hoping the piggy will help with lower end torque delivery, but the delivery is very similar to the stock. Once the RPM goes up to just above 2K, then the power kicks (which can be felt). I didn't run it thru the dyno so I cant be really very sure what are the actual real-world gains. Still very new, so I will need more time to drive and feel.