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  1. Hmm.... no idea. All came as "default" settings, as per quoted by c&c SE, not allowed to choose anythg except seat colour, as this batch came fr Hungary ex-stock. Got a quick question..... Other than the option of washing them ourselves, Where do u guys go for car wash usually to minimise scratches on paint work? Dont wanna go petrol kiosks where they use very worn out rough cloth on my baby...... Thanks
  2. Haha... thanks! Its car small, not parking lot big...
  3. Nope! Unfortunately, facelift not out yet when i made my booking in June
  4. Sky looks red...... Naise!!!
  5. Hi ya!!!! I am red and i am new on the road!! Just went live 2 mths ago!! Looking forward to meet the rest of the merc family very soon!! Love, babyRed