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  1. 6th July 2020. Mercedes C200K just done Ecu Repairs , supercharger throttle body replacement, transmission filter and oil. Servicing and checks were also done.
  2. 6th July 2020. Mercedes A180 doing servicing and inspection checks.
  3. 3rd July 2020. Mercedes CLA180 changing faulty wheel speed sensor.
  4. 3rd July 2020. Mercedes A180 installing Bilstein absorbers. We sell performance parts as well.
  5. 2nd July 2020. Mercedes CLA45 AMG doing wheel speed sensors replacement.
  6. 1st July 2020. Mercedes C200K doing full servicing package with wear and tear parts renewed.
  7. 30th June 2020. Review from David driving GLC250 after tuning. Thanks for the honest feedback. Appreciate it.
  8. 30th June 2020. Mercedes E250 Coupe changing prop shaft mounting and couplers.
  9. 30th June 2020. Mercedes CLA180 doing servicing, engine mounts and absorber mounts.
  10. 29th June 2020. Mercedes GLC250 doing dimsport stage1 tuning along with full option parts, Gfb DV+ and BMC intake filter. Attached dyno chart.
  11. 29th June 2020. Mercedes GLC250 doing servicing and checks.
  12. 27th June 2020. Mercedes E300 doing dimsport Ecu update and sensor checks.
  13. 26th June 2020. Mercedes C200 doing front & rear dixcel TypeM brake pads, engine mounts, tranmission mounts, front lower & control arms, engine and transmission servicing.
  14. 25th June 2020. Mercedes C200 coupe doing dimsport software update and checks. This service is free for all customers.
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