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  1. 25th March 2019. Mercedes Benz CLA180 did customised Dimsport stage 2 tuning. Attached dyno chart.
  2. 25th March 2019. Mercedes Benz E200 doing B+ servicing with wear & tear items replaced.
  3. 23rd March 2019. Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor changed front wheel bearings and brake pads.
  4. 22nd March 2019. Mercedes Benz CLA180 doing stage 2 legal exhaust works.
  5. 21st March 2019. Mercedes Benz B180 doing front linkage bars repairs pop & crackers mapping and waxing.
  6. 20th March 2019. Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor changing charge pipe seals and vacuum lines.
  7. 12th March 2019. Mercedes Benz C180 Merc having tuned with Dimsport stage 2.
  8. 11th March 2019. Mercedes Benz C180 did stage 2 system and tuning.
  9. 11th March 2019. Mercedes Benz A250 did stage2 Dimsport tuning preparation. Mercedes Benz A250 did stage 2 Dimsport customised ecu Tuning. Attached dyno chart.
  10. 8th March 2019 Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor doing stage 1 customised Dimsport tuning. Will continue on next wednesday as the setting file is not ready. 13th March 2019. Mercedes Benz c200 Kompressor did stage 1 customised dimsport tuning attached dyno chart
  11. 8th March 2019. Mercedes Benz S320L did servicing of tranmission oil and treatment along with checking of headlamp bulbs.
  12. 8th March 2019. Mercedes Benz B180 did servicing with Texas Revolution oil as well as changed rear pads and rotors. Auxiliary battery renewal was done with calibration.
  13. 6th March 2019. Mercedes Benz S300 doing Power Steering Pump renewal.
  14. 6th March 2019. Feedbacks from Kevin driving Mercedes Benz C200 did hybrid turbo upgrade and Dimsport stage 3 customised tuning. Brand New Hybrid turbo is the one with Gtx 11 blades with other upgrades is on the left hand side. Increased speed of turbo spooling along with increased in bhp and torque. Attached dyno chart and reviews. We sell hybrid turbo and can assure you, we can definitely make your ride to be powerful and awesome. Do contact us at 96919222 for more details.
  15. 6th March 2019. Ian driving Mercedes Benz B180 doing stage 2 Dimsport tuning. Optional performance parts upgrade: Bmc intake filter, GFB Dv+ and Mach 5 TMD installed. Attached Dyno chart and reviews.