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  1. For sale a set of excellent conditions 20in AMG Bicolor 20in rims from GLC... original from german factory. Pm or WA 96901900.
  2. Delete
  3. give me an offer i cannot refuse....
  4. yah..but based on Mercs specs... the GLC63 AMG only 21inch.
  5. How it broke? It’s clip slot and double side tape. Very secure....unless u pull it out.
  6. yup... u need to compare the specs ...or tell the dealer what specs u want... and see whats the price...coz some car specs do defer from different dealers.
  7. hi i intend to sell my orig GLC AMG Line brakes. Front 4pot ... a good upgrade for those without AMG line.... please pm to offer... thanks cheers
  8. yup... im also hvng the same problem.... fogging in the car!!!! ?????
  9. Any smart energy station. http://www.smartenergy.sg/contact.html
  10. Thanks for all the PMs... any more offers..pls PM.. will be finalising soon...
  11. Brakes available.... PM to offer....
  12. Just an update.... this is the actual caliper...
  13. U The DIY zhng king... !! Can share more details like where u bought it... how u DIY... can this be fixed on those with burmester ?πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  14. should be able to fit