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  1. Not getting any reply for quote even after PM, not sure about the rest of you guys ?
  2. Pls. PM the price for C-Class W205 year of mfg 2016 for Apple Car Play & Android Auto. Thanks
  3. Calling all C180 owners who collected your car in Nov./Dec 2016. May I know if your car comes with SD card slot ? It is located inside the center glove besides the 2 USB slots. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  4. Greetings to all, I'm excited to be collecting my C180 in few days time. Any tips or particular things that I should look out for ?
  5. Hi rainman, did you go to LTA site to check your COE bidding ? I did for the last 2 biddings but it says "no matching record found". Maybe C&C still not put-in my bid yet....