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  1. then why not replace the whole 3D rotary speaker instead, they are using original tweeter speakers as well. you can order from the link above. your burmester is factory fitted or install with elebest?
  2. yes mine already have the burmester. you mean the wiring job to install this 3D rotary tweeter? your system got any tweeter now?
  3. you can order from this link as they posted above. I also order mine from there too, they accept paypal payment and took less than a week to arrive here, I paid USD360.00 including shipping to here and $200.00 for installation as mine already installed the burmester tweeters, hence need do some wiring job and install these rotating tweeters. don't bother to check the cheapest I ask around was $1500.00 just for this tweeters and most of them also getting from the same can just buy yourself online and I will intro you the shop to install.
  4. no, I usually left it at auto stage and I never touch the switch at all even since I got my ride. funny part is not all GLC got this of my frd got the same batch of GLC as mine too and he don't have this problem.
  5. Have you guys manage to solve this issue? I have the same issue too, happened once last year and was told to change the light switch, I tot all are done and tonite it just happen again. Mine is only left side headlight on only, lucky neighbor called and inform me, else tomorrow sure battery flat. please share if you guys have this problem solved. Thanks
  6. got the shipment this morning and already installed up. I get someone to install for me as I got trouble to even take out the complete door panel.....there is this one last clip on the top panel....damn hard,lol. anyway for those who ask whether can this 3D tweeter installed on the burmester sound system, the answer is yes, as mine is burmester sound system too. so now I got the spare burmester tweeter since I installed this 3D tweeter....if anyone keen....I can let go at $300.00 include installation.
  7. I just order from this site at USD360.00 include shipping as well. have you order yet, if so....maybe we can meetup and DIY it together.
  8. You was at smart details at kaki bukit that day? My ride is behind you only, so wasted we never get to meet 😂
  9. I did ask this magnetic carshade SG in FB. his reply is power, say need GB $60.00 for 4pcs and $100.00 for 5pcs and need min 20 sets. i don't know how to reply him 😅
  10. GLC can install this type of tweeter?
  11. At least u save $500.00 more loh, I paid $6.3k installed last year dec 😂 If you do manage to meet up and compare, do tag me and let me know pls, I also wanna come
  12. I know I can add in all these as options, but just that I don't like to wait too long for new car....esp since I m buying it from PI. I only buy when the car belong to them and it ready for registering. i done all the above upgrade from elebest, so far i think they the only one can do such upgrade right?
  13. So far some upgrade I have confirm is - Command NTG5, Reverse camera, Ambient light for all doors and Ctr console, Burmester sound system, Blind spot warning, TPMS sensor for all wheels, 360 camera. Still considering the intelligent lights.