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  1. the wrong battery will cause the start stop never works. but everything works fine.
  2. It’s may be the handle problem. Must be replace it.
  3. Original and lemfoerder both have normal and heavy duty type. normal GB mount and the heavy duty type is different part number.
  4. Connector problem will effect the buld, some buld will no function. if all the buld work fine, mean connection no problem.
  5. 2engine mounting and 1gear box mounting. I'm mechanic, I can sure about it. the Gear box mounting better get a heavy duty, can last more longer
  6. i think is the water pipe leaking, change the water pipe to solve the problem. its common in w212.
  7. Hi,if I was u I will take c180k (kompressure engine), because cgi engine is turbo type, the engine temperature sure will higher than c180k, high temperature its will damage some engine components. before u buy it, better visit a workshop first (if u can) good luck
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