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  1. Bro. I'm very confused which one to buy. Mind if u point out to me which model you've bought?
  2. Hello bros I've noticed that the newer E and C class have got really nice and bright reverse lights. Any idea if it's just a simple change of bulbs in our tail lamp? Or if any of you have mod this before. Hope you can share
  3. Time flies and my FLw204k is coming to 3yrs! Should I be doing any kinda checks just before my warranty ends?
  4. Hey guys. I don't have any BBK. But my brake pads are on ATE. Will I be able to change my stock rotors to cross drilled ones? Looking at only genuine parts only. Dont need AMG package though =p My ride: C180kFL
  5. Hello! I'm letting my go my spare laptop. Specs: 2.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM 768GB Flash Storage Purchased from: Apple.com Purchase date: 09-Apr-2013 Purchased price: SGD4,032.01 Condition 9/10 (NO SCRATCHES) AppleCare: Expired Reason for selling: Extra laptop Selling price: $2200 Self-Collect: Macpherson area(During office hours) Enquiries: [email protected] (I’ll be checking mail frequently)
  6. Bought mine from Carbonrevo. Good deal. Thanks bro!
  7. My FC is about 11.2Km/L FLw204 c180K. No engine mod. 18" alloy rims and PSS shoes. I still feel Esso 8000 is the best for my engine =p Better than V-Power(surprisingly), in terms of torque and noise.
  8. Looking for new or used, stock C204 grill. As long as no scratches. Looking to change my current stock 3 fin to 2 fin.
  9. Bro. I had the same prob. Went to service advisor. He shook head and told me, "It's like that" and I'm like... Jialat... Maybe wrong investment... But anyway, I changed my brake pads to ATE when I change my rims and I realised that the jerk kinda noise was gone! So my take is that the stock brake pad giving prob. I also thought it didn't make any sense, since it sounded like coming from gear box. You might wanna give it a try.
  10. Bro. I've sent back to Power Magic... T power cell waste $...
  11. Sorry bros. Just wanted to let you all know that this is no longer available.
  12. Bro. Really? ... Hmm.. I haven't seen the readings. Only difference I felt after changing from my 17" replica is that it improves the general pickup. Don't have the kinda 'drag' feeling.
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