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  1. Glad that there are still people interested in such an old Mercedes in Singapore. Do join us on the W124 facebook forums for interesting posts and trivia as well as tips and tricks to keep the car running. I am still driving my W124 after more than 10 years. Its abit battered at the rear from a few accidents but none of which left me injured. Alot more has been done to keep the car running including 2 cooling coil replacements, 2 compressor replacements, an entire aircon system overhaul, 2 engine top overhauls, 1 transmission overhaul, 2 entire undercarriage refreshes and many more Im sure I have forgotten. Still fun to drive and and work on. I have also DIYed some goodies over the years such as ipod connectivity, an upgraded sound system, rear electric roller blinds, original side window blinds, masterpiece door sills, leather sports steering wheel, W220 leather short shifter gear knob and dual electric mirror upgrade.
  2. Abit too late but it’s probably the Fuel vent valve. Small plastic thingy that allows air to equalise into the tank as the fuel goes down.
  3. Meet ups are rather informal. Happens about once or twice a month when a few of us are free. Your car seems to be in pretty good condition then as mine overheated like crazy the moment I started using it hahah. Search for "Mercedes Benz W124 Singapore" and join us to see when the meetups occur.
  4. 9K for one year left is dam expensive. Look for those to 2018/2019 COE. They are only around 25k to 30K and its more worth it. W124 can survive heavy jams very well provided the cooling system is maintained properly. Flush the system and use only MB coolant. Make sure the thermostat is working properly and the temp fan switch is working as well. The temperature should only be around 85 degrees during normal use and maybe about 90 plus at jams. Anything more and you are looking for trouble. The auxilarry fan is linked to the air con so make sure its working also. It will kick in at around 80 degrees with the air con on. STA is pretty much useless and old cars are filled with defered maintenance issues. If you have no knowledge on how to maintain cars, I strongly suggest you get something newer unless you really want to learn slowly. In that case, ask more questions and get someone who is experienced to go down and take a look at the car with you. Alternatively, you might want to try AA inspection service as they are supposedl better than STA. Hope i'm not too late in replying you as most of us with W124s hang out at the W124 Singapore facebook page. You can join us there.
  5. 225/55/16 will rub I think. 205/55/16 should be the correct size. As for bolt size and length, tyre shop will advise as they have tons to try out. Rims for w211 should bolt on directly as they are the same offset.
  6. I think you will be better off getting a halfcut. The main bits you will need is obviously the engine, wiring harness, all the different rubber bits for cooling, aircon and other misc plumbing. You will also need a different air filter box, transmission bell housing, prop shaft and rear axle as well as they have a different ratio than the 8V one. Getting the half cut will save you time especially in wiring the engine harness and ECUs and also fitting the transmission as you can just transplant the whole thing in. The prop shaft and rear axle can be obtained easily from the scrap yards as well. Figure 600 bucks for a good one, 2k-3k for a half cut and probably another grand to buy misc parts to refresh the rest of the associated running gear.
  7. Well... the 16V engine is silver and the 8V is black but the answer is probably not as you mentioned yourself that they barely open the bonnet for more than 30 seconds..
  8. Hi there, IMO i dont think LTA would allow swap from 8V to 16V. If you read their website carefully they seem to be pretty strict with the engine swap being a identical direct replacement of your current engine. Having said that, I have seen 8V cars with 16V engines that were done without approval and have passed inspection albeit at the owener's risk. Observe carefully when you send your car for inspection. From what ive noticed so far, the W124 engine number is hard to find and they dont have time to go round poking with so many cars being inspected everyday. So usually they just compare the number they have in the computer to the chassis plate at the slam panel of the car. As the saying goes.. do anything you want, just dont get caught. A better and less obvious swap would be a 2.0 8V to 2.3 8V engine as they are identical apart from bore size. More power, less fuel consumption and risk as well. Can be done for 3-5k depending on where you go with malaysia being your cheapest bet. However, you do have to take into account cons involved as well. How sure are you that the new engine will last? How much money can you really save in fuel if you do the swap? 3-5K can buy you tons of fuel...
  9. The ignition removal tool will come in useful as the barrels dont last very long especially if you have keys dangling off it while driving. I made my own using some thick wire I had lying around. There is no original aluminium dead pedal though so you will have to get an aftermarket one. I like the original aluminium pedals as they do not require drilling which looks very cheap. The original ones fit over the pedal assemblies nicely. Thanks for the link to the site sponsor. Parts for our modern classic mercedes are becoming increasingly difficult to source and he will definitely come in useful in the future. Heres the link to the pedal upgrade for you the peruse in your free time:
  10. Nice car and glad to see a fellow DIYer on the forum. I own a W124 and also do most of the work by myself like you do. I hacve a few questions. The first of which is where did you manage to find such a nice set of AMG Pentas? Also, where did you get the small wedge bulbs for the switch knobs? The ones i found and using now are all clear and are too hot for the switches. The chrome cluster rings look out of place IMO on a modern classic like yours but they do add some bling if you are looking for that. Feel free to take a look at my aluminum pedal upgrade thread on the E class stickies. You can add more bling to your pedals for very little money while still keeping the stock feel.
  11. Somehow, i feel that the taiwan lights always look cheap on our cars. They look good on first glance but dont look so good on close scrutiny in the flesh. Anyone have any ideas to make them look less cheap?
  12. I had a similar problem lately but it was due to a failed central locking pump and seized lock cylinders for all locks. I called various locksmiths and all were unable to open the car. In the end I had to contact a repo tow truck driver and he had the tools to do it. They will wedge an airbag between your door and pump it up to get a small opening. They would then insert a long metal rod to pull the door handle open. There was slight damage to the paint as he had to pull really hard on my car to open the door(his hand had a small cut and blood was flowing out by the time he opened the door). All in $80 bucks which was high but no choice as I was stuck by the road on a Sunday morning. Hope you have better luck.
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