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  1. If everything else fails here, I am sure your sales rep can help teach you how to use that function, cheers.
  2. Thanks bro, I think even among the brands, there's a difference. Anyway, my service rep suggested Esso 98 too.. After the switch back to Esso, and the Techron, it's been pretty smooth.. Hope it remains so.. Interestingly, I was using Shell 95 with no issues at all, until I went over to SPC 95..
  3. Yes sir.. if you get it from C&C, definitely so.. not sure if it's a standard feature in all CLA or MFA based cars..
  4. You can ask Elebest They sell it cheers
  5. Just an update: Been using Esso 98, and that sound seems to be much less if any at all. Added a bottle of Techron Concentrate, will see if the sound goes away totally, thanks again for the tip
  6. Yeah, use up the Nano, then the polish then go outside. My Service rep suggested I do the Nano on delivery, then in 1 year when I service my car, then polish in another visit.
  7. I was using SPC 95 due to a promotion. Now some may say it doesn't matter but She'll didn't seem to give me this issue. So you may be right bro! trying some Esso 98 now.. seems less saw a series of posts in HWZ on this and some others have also experienced this when they use SPC. And I just realized it's now owned by Petrochina! I will keep using Esso 98 or shell for while and I also bought Techron concentrate to see if it helps .. Thanks bro and if you think of any additional tips, please sound out ! Cheers
  8. Dear friends I notice a clicking sound under the conditions: - low RPM and I press on the gas firmly - especially if it's an incline - around 1100-1200 rpm - doesn't happen if I above 2000 rpm - if i kick down and the gear shifts down - seems to happen more with SPC than other brands of fuels.. - more often when the engine has been running for a while - the sound come from the engine bay area Thanks bros for helping!
  9. You can use some other company, but you will give up some of the 'freebies'. So check with your rep..
  10. Your A Class rear seats should have grab handles, these are located above the door?
  11. That depends on what model did you order.. a bog standard one will be faster, especially if your PI is on the ball. A hybrid with electric module etc can take many many months..
  12. Hang your items from the grab handles instead?
  13. For JS 400 DVR users: You can use up to a 64 Gb card. But remember that the card needs to be formatted as a MS DOS format, not ex Fat or it won't work. Use a basic card. Sometimes the more expensive and fast ones won't work.
  14. Yeah I just checked hankook is now an official supplier in Germany impressive
  15. Hi bro Are you selling the Merc ones or the 3D free mats that were given ? $50 for the 5 pieces or per piece? Thanks