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  1. So bro why do you want the A180? because it drives well? Powerful? FC? if you have a good reason and it's not merely the badge, you will enjoy it more.. furthermore if you have been using the Toyota or Honda service centers, you won't find the maintenance of an entry level merc to be too high ..
  2. Hey bro, welcome to the forum Firstly, if you don't mind, let me ask some questions.. I am almost a new entry level merc owner - the bread van to be precise.. I bought my W246 because it had the right mix of features I wanted. The badge was not even secondary, it was probably the third or fourth tier reason. It had the right safety features (best in class), the best CD ratio, space (more than an E Class), enough power - I do long distance drives to M'sia, and decent FC. Plus it's made in Germany, not something that all Mercs can boast of. So if the badge is the main reason, you should be careful. It will cost more, especially if you are like me, coming from a Honda. But I service at Kah, and they charge quite a bit too. So my net costs don't go up as much as someone who has been servicing outside, scrimping on parts, and extending the durations between services. If you want the badge and fret about paying, eg $150 for a MFA entry level Merc Air Cabin Filter from C&C, then you may want to reconsider your decision. For the price of an A Class for example, you have many other choices, but when I bought my bread van, the net outlay was not too much more than the Honda I was looking at, and those additional features gave me the right reasons to buy. And I came to the forum to learn about places to service, get parts etc, but I do know that C&C charges more than your average Toyota/Honda. So go in with your eyes open. In order not to OT here, you may want to go into the specific car model threads and ask more about service costs there? All the best and I hope you do join the club eventually after a careful decision
  3. Tow Hooker Cover?
  4. Two buttons on the remote. Unless you opted for an AMG package it's a round steering wheel.
  5. Actually with the air filter in place, I can hardly notice any fumes coming in.. have you changed the filter recently?
  6. Looks like real surgery.. No double side tape though..
  7. Three generations of the B Class
  8. Swee bro! can you supply the link? can I pay you to do mine? love the red surround too!
  9. Has anyone bought air filters from this source before?
  10. Your car was collect in 2014? tough.. but IIRC correctly there should be some latitude if they are kind.. anyways, you can try to speak to their manager.. good luck bro
  11. I have the "Slime" but I also ordered a spare from Ebay UK.. not cheap, but it gives me security when I do my M'sian drives..
  12. I think I should have bought from your rep... Lots of accessories, check out the adjacent threads and also the B Class thread - I posted on the collection process, cheers.
  13. First time I have heard about such VIP treatment, you must be on good terms or a big customer I will time the top up with my annual service..
  14. If you can find a source for a wood wrap for the dash, please sound out! Cheers
  15. Useful tip on how to reset transmission: