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  1. Bro Since you go to Pandan, can you share or pm the name of a good advisor? The one who served me was rubbish.. thanks!
  2. What issues bro?
  3. You know, everything you get onto the road, I see at least one W246 or more.. that's how many we have in SG...
  4. There was no slot until the first week of June, so I gave them a buzz, left the car with them the whole day and it's sorted. They simply change some cables and fuses, that's what the service guy said..
  5. There's a recall going on for steering column issues.. airbag related.. did anyone get a letter?
  6. Yep tell your service guy. They can reset it and add a new firmware.
  7. Does anyone have a video for changing wipers for the W246? The ones online don't show the same wipers.. Thanks
  8. I am not aware that Merc allows aftermarket mods in their workshops.. Elebest does, but they don't accept credits..
  9. Welcome do check out our owners thread for more info. I also posted about the collection process. Cheers
  10. I don't know sir .. i actually don't mind the fresh air. The filter is so effective that I don't usually smell anything. Breathing in recirculate air isn't a good idea.
  11. This might help:
  12. Welcome bro! i guess your ride has a VES rebate of 10k?
  13. Is your car from C&C? There is no excuse for your rep not to be able to fix this....
  14. VIN

    Try looking it up on the web:
  15. It seems like Merc is reach lower and lower down the food chain to appeal to new buyers who like the badge.. I hope they at least keep up the safety, the reliability and some factors of luxury, instead of just selling the brand..