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  1. maps of M'sia and Singapore.Used once only for a road trip.Selling for $110. Comes with the box and all accessories. PM me to deal, cheers
  2. Just FYI The techs at Merc know there are some rattling issues with the B Pillar, so if you do get some sounds, sound it out to your reps, and they can check it out.. I saw how they handle issues: You get assigned a service rep, he's the one with the nice tie and sits in the showroom or service centre. He then calls a chap in blue to come in, who listens for such sounds, and then takes note of what needs to be. He then drives the car into the service area..
  3. Did you have to remove the steering wheel to do the stitching bro?
  4. The W205 is made in East London, SA.. This factory has won awards for it's factory, but I guess there can still be issues. Hope it gets resolved. Not acceptable for a Merc or any other make. Do make some noise with your rep..
  5. Check out bro silverkris' thread on this in the b class thread. Lots of info there cheers
  6. Bros Apart from an earlier gear change does the clutch disengage during coasting in Eco mode? I see the rpm drop significantly whenever I step off the accelerator in Eco , thanks .
  7. So far in city driving I have managed around 9l / 100km This week I did a lot of highway runs so I can see the FC improving to 6.6/100km I can hit 398km on half a tank!
  8. Got a Mann Cabin Filter for the B Class from a local MO: MANN Pollen Interior Air Cabin Filter CUK26007 Fit all MFA cars
  9. Best to check with C&C, but when the battery is old, that could prevent the start stop from working. It doesn't beep until it hits all six bars.. did you go near enough?
  10. Bros I will go for my tire rotation at Pandan later this month, may I know how long will it take on a weekday? Also, is there a boutique showroom there too? Might try and use some vouchers. Anyone using the Genuine Mercedes Modular Travel and Style System, Base Module with Universal Hook? Or what do you use to hang your market purchases? When you do the tire rotation, are we also allowed to enjoy the breakfast? Finally, do you guys take a shuttle back to Pandan or just grab a cab? Thanks
  11. Did they give you a new door when they replaced it? At least, you know one good workshop now.. maybe you can add a park mode enabled car camera ?
  12. Sorry to hear that IIRC your car is pretty new so did you have to go back to Merc ?
  13. self drive

    Very nice bro... I know who to ask re drives there Have you done any drives up to M'sia?
  14. Someone brought his older one over, I am keen to see how it works.. No experience with them..