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  1. CNY is coming, if anyone has their car coming up for servicing, you may want to book early, especially if you want the free ride service. Also, for those coming to their first year, you can consider booking the nano PPS service, and Star windscreen polish at the same time, as well as the aircon cleaning, and the Star Interior cleaning. These are all part of your free Essentials package, so you incur less down time. If it's the first time you go in, do check out their website first so you don't get a sticker shock Eg Oil change Service A starts around $500... you will be truly grateful that you only need to bring it in once a year or every 15k... They use Shell Helix Ultra and you may also want to consider doing the tire rotation at the same time. There's an engine flush included in the price, and the engine bay looks spick and span, whilst the interior looks clean and smells really nice. Pandan Loop gives nice curry puffs and decent coffee. Two days down time.
  2. Hey bro Welcome to the family.. I get about 8.6l / 100km for a 80% city driving on my B180...
  3. When did they replace your battery? Any criteria?
  4. Has anyone got their recall notice yet? This will be sent via registered post.. It should be for all MFA based cars: A,B, CLA, GLA cars, made in 2016.Retrofit of fuse on starting current limiter (BC)I guess it's kind of like the vezel issue..Anyone PI buyers get their recall too?
  5. Hope it all works out!
  6. Wow, what recall letter is that?
  7. Nice bro, do you know what brand was the off market GPS from C&C? I might be keen on that. I have a 8" version already. Cheers
  8. Bros Any issue with not starting the car for about 11 days or so? Will the battery be ok? Thanks
  9. That's quite useful.. if you don't want it, pm me
  10. OT is a variable that is used in haggling. So is the amount of service credit. The current W205 is quite popular and most teething issues have been ironed out so there isn't any big promotion.. but a lot will depend on your own bargaining skills too. September to October are good months, as the rep need to fulfill certain numbers so press a bit more and see. Good luck 👍
  11. Welcome bro You can't compare merely on prices across different brands. Otherwise you might as well get a Corolla for 50k less.. it has more legroom than the C Class Much better value.. The overtrade (OT) varies, depending on the car they wish to promote. Eg, the OT was much higher when they wanted to get rid of the older 7G W205 a year back. If the main criteria is cost, the Audi A4 is the cheapest, and it's still made in Germany. There are many more factors, features and of course the ride and the brand itself. Ask yourself how much do you wish to own the W205, and whether it's the right choice, esp if price is the main criteria. Make sure you budget for service costs etc - you may get 5k in service credits, but you need to budget for service and other costs too. All the best with your choice
  12. If everything else fails here, I am sure your sales rep can help teach you how to use that function, cheers.
  13. Thanks bro, I think even among the brands, there's a difference. Anyway, my service rep suggested Esso 98 too.. After the switch back to Esso, and the Techron, it's been pretty smooth.. Hope it remains so.. Interestingly, I was using Shell 95 with no issues at all, until I went over to SPC 95..
  14. Yes sir.. if you get it from C&C, definitely so.. not sure if it's a standard feature in all CLA or MFA based cars..
  15. You can ask Elebest They sell it cheers