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  1. It could be my imagination but the sound from the SC seems more ferocious. LOL
  2. Hi bro you can try Star 9 workshop at 36 toh guan road east #01-42 Enterprise Hub. 608580 Look for the boss Vincent 92216868. Damage is $180
  3. Workshops that are specialize in Conti cars should be able to do the job. I heard from my mechanic that it is the labour that is costly. They need almost a day to replace the oil
  4. Hi guys. Just to check, my mechanic told me that i need to replace the oil of my w204 supercharger. It is necessary?
  5. Hi bro Catfish Could not be the thermostat or aircon filter as I have also replaced them earlier. Is it true that conti aircon is inferior compared to japs ride?
  6. Hi guys. Couple of months ago, when I sent my W204 to my regular workshop for a routine servicing, I mentioned to the boss that my aircon is not very cold compared to my previous ride. More specifically, the air coming out from the vents is not strong and it is definitely not very cold as well, especially when the car is stationary. Having said that, the boss recommended me to do an aircon flushing. Thump chest and said that sure can see the difference. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did aircon flushing (no use)followed by replacing the compressor (improved the air flow but still not cold) then the cooling coil (still not cold and worse, air con breaks down after 1 week)and lastly replaced the condenser. (Aircon temperature still not to my expectation). Now I was recommended to change my aircon blower as well!? I would like to check with the bros here, how many bars did you use on for your air con and the temperature you used when you are driving in the afternoon time? For me is 3 to 4 bars and 17 degrees in the afternoon. Morning would be 1 to 2 bars and 18/19 degrees.
  7. Hi peeps! My w204 is displaying a message stating that “front left parking light on”. The strange thing is that i did not switch on the parking light! Initially I thought that my left parking light is faulty so I switched on parking light but it was working fine. Whenever I start the engine, this message appears on my display. Does any bros know what seems to be the problem?
  8. Tks bro Dyeeng. will definitely visit a WS for my battery check
  9. Hi bro. thanks for the suggestion but I just changed my battery 8 months ago. Could it be another factor causing this? BTW, does this car comes with a second battery?
  10. Hi all bros. this morning when I tried to start the engine of my 2012 W204, a weird thing happened. It cranked but out of the sudden, it suddenly stopped! One second it was cranking and the next thing i know, it stopped completely. Silence, nothing. Light was on but the engine just goes silence. I off the ignition and tried to restart it which it did. Touch wood but have this ever happened to the bros here?
  11. Should be a safety feature ba.
  12. yah, used to drive Civic so I assumed MB should have this function too. Paiseh for asking this as I am still very new to MB
  13. Hi Bro Thanks for replying. yes, the door can be opened by the lever as well. I have searched the manual and it does not state that the car will automatically unlock once we shifted the gear to Park, so I assume that MB does not come with this function?
  14. Hi all! I am a newbie here and this is my first post. I have just purchased a pre-owned 2012 W204. Abit compact but overall nice ride. just to check with the seniors here. I realised that after I shifted the gear to Park or turned off the ignition, the car does not unlock by itself, I have to manually pressed the unlock button in order to unlock the car. is this normal or there is something that I must activate?