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  1. Another Sgmerc bro coming for ESL rectification, it's very common among C-Klass to have this issue, therefore we give out a promotional rate for all Sgmerc bros if they need this service, we always try our best to help.
  2. Sgmerc bro coming to our workshop for ESL rectification,thanks for visiting, glad that you're happy with our service VID-20180514-WA0013.mp4
  3. Thank you Carl for your support, glad your like our service. We strive to do even better for Sgmerc bros, feel free to contact us, we will give additional discounts, just quote "Sgmerc"
  4. Mercedes Benz S350 replacement of worn Brakepads, Oil Cooler Housing Gasket, Idle Pulley, ATF Transmission Oil Pan Gasket as well as maintenance of Gearbox to keep the car in good shape. We show customer worn or faulty parts before replacement, to build a good customer relationship & trust.
  5. Mercedes Benz C180 - Excessive Engine Oil at the Inlet or Outlet of the Turbo Charger - Camshaft Magnet Replacement
  6. Many cases is due to Hydraulic absorbers that is causing your convertible unable to open up, this can be confirm by troubleshooting and inspecting the supports required for the opening of convertible. Costing shouldn't be too high if this is the case.
  7. Promotional Rate for Sgmerc bros, pm me for more info, we're here to provide assistance and support
  8. Our workshop does ESL, we can provide discounted price for bros at sgmerc. Do let me know if we can be of any assistance.
  9. Peony, what's your current mileage, most of the cases, ATF replacement should solve the issue.
  10. Open circuit means loose connection between wiring, you can drop by we can get it solve for you
  11. We have a major servicing package going at a promotional rate of S$ 888.00, which you may consider.
  12. Does the problem still exist? We can assist to troubleshooting and advice on the solution for you.
  13. Hi IZ,

    Your bro managed to solve his Merc issue with Speed Sensor?

  14. Accident happens unexpectedly, what to do if you're caught in such a situation whereby you're unsure what to do or who to call for help? Give us a ring and our Accident Claim Experts will guide and assist you smoothly throughout the Whole Process. Just drive off with our Courtesy replacement vehicles and leave the rest of the job to us. With our Quality Workmanship, we assure that we will handover your vehicle to you in Tip-top condition, you can't even tell which part of your vehicle was damaged previously. VID_20180305_225513.mp4 VID_20180305_225552.mp4
  15. Aka "Green key", symptoms starts when it hits a certain mileage. The car will give you some signs when this is happening, such as when you tried to start to car, there's no response and you have to try to start it again. Preventative measures is to get it change soon otherwise breakdown might occur.