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  1. we are located at 8 kaki bukit ave 4 [email protected] #07-08/09 Singapore 415875
  2. Hi Sensuous, We replace ESL lock for 1.2k, price quoted is before GST, c/w 6 months warranty period,
  3. $480.00 original door handle, inclusive of installation, programming and spray painting work
  4. keyless entry it's required to replace the door handle, it's not possible to repair or service. we will need to check which door handle is faulty, most of the time just 1 door handles can cause malfunction to the other doors' handle keyless system.
  5. Thank you Carl for your support, glad your like our service. We strive to do even better for Sgmerc bros, feel free to contact us, we will give additional discounts, just quote "Sgmerc"
  6. Many cases is due to Hydraulic absorbers that is causing your convertible unable to open up, this can be confirm by troubleshooting and inspecting the supports required for the opening of convertible. Costing shouldn't be too high if this is the case.
  7. Our workshop does ESL, we can provide discounted price for bros at sgmerc. Do let me know if we can be of any assistance.
  8. Peony, what's your current mileage, most of the cases, ATF replacement should solve the issue.
  9. Open circuit means loose connection between wiring, you can drop by we can get it solve for you
  10. We have a major servicing package going at a promotional rate of S$ 888.00, which you may consider.
  11. Does the problem still exist? We can assist to troubleshooting and advice on the solution for you.
  12. Hi IZ,

    Your bro managed to solve his Merc issue with Speed Sensor?

  13. Symptoms. Key turns but no ignition lights Steering is locked on with key in ignition Steering lock is OFF with no key in ignition We have the expertise to solve this problem, aside from C&C, we are able to do it too, comes with 6 months Warranty!
  14. Mercedes B180 complain of "grinding sound" while driving, Steering squeaking sound when turning, we surprised our client by solving this issues which he has been facing for a long time.Repairing of Drive Shaft and replacement of Wheel Bearing did the job! No more noisy ride!
  15. sorry typo on my end, it's a E200 CGI, thanks for pointing out
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