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  1. selling as above. comes with front and back bumpers. 2 side skirts. 2 urban exhaust tips. do pm me if interested. thanks!
  2. can i have pics of ur rims too

  3. how much?
  4. u guys do have a whatsapp chat? mind adding me?
  5. hi, may i know why is this A180 getting tuned and getting better results den my a200 tuned?
  6. me too
  7. how much?
  8. how much will it be to install a keylesssssss go function?
  9. happened to me too! was told there will be some left over credits by the previous owner but after getting C&C to transfer ownership, nothing.... they told me they have erased all left over credits.
  10. hey bro how much will it cost?
  11. hi can u send me the pics as well? thankss!