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  1. Hi diesel. Did you manage to fix your aircon problem? My car is facing the same symptoms as yours. Appreciate if you could share how it was fixed. Thks. 

  2. Hi folks, My W211 E200K interior roof lining is starting to pop downwards. Any recommendations on where to replace? And what’s the estimated cost? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Any advice on a reliable workshop in Sin Ming to access the repair cost of W211 E200 before deciding if it’s worth it to renew COE? Some problem that I face now: 1. Some vibration from 3rd gear when accelerating & lack of power (gearbox problem?) 2. Vibration when engine is cold (Super charger problem?) 3. Worn engine mounting 4. Need to top up aircon gas abt every 2 months (leaking evaporator coil?) It’s a pretty car so very wasted to scrap it. But worried abt the repair cost in future.
  4. Ok will get mechanic to check out the AC fan. Thanks!
  5. The aircon Condenser is changed and still the same. *scratch head*
  6. All aircon filter has been changed. Happens in both internal circulation and fresh air mode.
  7. The blower motor was also recently changed cos it died. Its terrible in this kind of weather. But with the symptom of aircon only cold when car is driving indicates weak compressor rather than insufficient gas right?
  8. Already change compressor. But still only cold when car is travelling.
  9. Hi guys, Driving a W211 E200. Aircon is not cold and was advised to change compressor. Things only improve when the car is travelling (cold aircon when driving only). Aircon becomes not cold and stuffy when car is stationary (eg traffic light) or slowing down (eg Going up carpark). What could be the problem? What other things need to be changed? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, Aircon is not cold and was advised to change compressor. But things only improve when car is travelling. Aircon will not be cold and becomes stuffy when car is stationary or slowing down. Beside the compressor what else needs to be changed? Thanks!
  11. OMG! so expensive for a key fob?
  12. How about PI car? Cannot go back to C&C right? Probably gana carrot. Haha
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