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  1. Dear all, I am sorry for the late reply! been all tied up. All the items had been sold to a bro already. Can trouble Mod to kindly remove this thread. Many thanks!
  2. Hello Bro and Sis, dekitting my W204, with following to let go: 1. API BBK 6 pot (front) dropped from $900 to $700 2. 19" Rays racing replica rim and tyre set at $800 last call $600. 3. Throttle response module at $300 4. HID headlamp at $200 - from Sonics racing (not ILS) 5. C63 front grill at $200 All items cash and carry. Bundle sale $1,500 for everything. Thank you!!!
  3. Good day bro and sis Cash and carry Condition 7.5/10 pm me to deal. thanks!
  4. Just to share a really good buy Http://www.novita.com.sg 3 days only.
  5. Wilmond21

    First attempt

    sharing some photos of my humble C180
  6. Thanks all for sharing the experiences. CD player is working fine. All baby lullaby CD actually. Haha. My doot doot sound is actually a digital audio alert, similar to the keypad sound of safe. But irregular... Shall monitor and share the cause and solution later on. thks!
  7. Hi guys, can I check if you all know or encounter (touchwood) a soft doot doot sound problem inside your cabin before. It's unlike bro davidaffy doot doot problem, which can be heard outside. Mine is very soft, you have to strain your ear to notice it, but I'm unable to trace the source. Its quite disturbing as it shouldn't happen. Asked my SA but was asked to monitor the source instead....Btw, mine is a w204 c180. Doot doot sound problem kicked in this week, after 9mths of driving. Appreciate your advices. Thks thks!
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