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  1. Yes, the battery was exactly identical Varta AGM. This has been verified by Varta distributor before the replacement. The only different between the OE with the one you get from Varta distributor/dealer is just a merdeces sticker/label. What’s inside is exactly the same.
  2. I have few battery failed in less than 3 years. Moral of the story, the warranty period cover from the date of purchase (your car) till 2 year regardless of how many time the battery has been replaced in between. When you get from outside normal battery shop, the same battery is only 1 year warranty now (previously it have 2 year warranty when purchase through normal battery shop but now has changed to 1 year which I believe this battery doesn't really last long and the distributor has decided to reduce the warranty period). Battery price from C&C is double the price of normal battery shop, but if you calculate base in 2 year (let say the battery die in 1 year) the price end up to be the same. When you replaced it from other shop, and drive back to C&C for normal servicing, their computer might throw out error and failed few test. C&C will then find fault on the battery and asking you to change battery again. But if you go to other battery shop to test the battery with the battery tester, it have 0 issue. The battery distributor told me I am not the first one who encountered this where C&C just any how find way to forcing people to change after find out we didn't buy the battery from them. The battery distributor advised to request C&C to issue official document to prove this is battery issue if that say the same thing to you. Distributor will going to bring this document back to Varta HQ and sue them.
  3. Anyone know whether the MY2018 AMG front and back bumper (CLA180) can fit MY2015 model?
  4. Google can't find anything. I contacted Johnson Control and they directed me to sole agent, sole agent then redirected me to ACE Battery & Tyre. I don't see much review on this shop too.
  5. I wish too, but can’t find any power outlet at my car park ! Can’t use CTEK since it need to plug into AC outlet.
  6. By reading this thread, it seems Varta battery doesn't really last long. I got my main battery replaced during 11k, now after the Service B done to my car. The CPA error start to appear. Went back to C&C to fix the software, and now start/stop no longer functioning. Went back to C&C again and now they're telling my main battery need to be replace in order to make the start/stop working again ! Was quoted $500+ like some of you but I would like to do it outside since the battery is only around $350+/-. Any recommendation (the reliable one whose know what they're doing) where to get the new Varta Silver Dynamic battery ? I search through sgcarmart and found 6 shop (http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/listing.php?COM=Varta) but I have never been to those workshop before and wouldn't know the technician can handle Mercedes in a professional way or not. I have a bad experience dealing with those small workshop as my RIM get scratched all over during the first tire rotation ! and yet I still have to pay for the rotation service after they scratched my RIM ! Anyone try Bosch S6 before ? this one seems to have longer warranty period (3/4 years according to Bosch website). Just to confirm Varta only have 2 years warranty right ?
  7. 2 months used unit selling for $700 (include box, cables etc). Still under local distributor warranty. Unit is loaded with CLA180 CGI (petrol) setting. Re-load of other car model is possible by local dealer/distributor but will not include with this price. Those interested please do not PM here, email me instead at [email protected]