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  1. Hi, send my B180 to CC for servicing.. then I suspect engine mount a bit faulty. Then my SA told me for suspension and mountings , warranty only covers up to 2 years or 30000km even though the general warranty is 3 years or 100000km? He says same goes for batteries. Is that true? any experts? Thanks
  2. hi thanks for the reply.. So I just go C&C for my service and then change tyre and battery outside? my service credit already used up so no point changing tyre and battery at C&C.. can anyone recommend a reliable shop to change tyre and battery for B180 2016 version? thanks
  3. hi everyone, I'm going for my last service with C&C (end of 3rd year) in March, after the service, left with 2 mths of warranty. The SD told me during the last tyre rotation I need to change the tyres. My worry is changing tyre at C&C will costs me a bomb. Can I change my tyres n battery before the service at other places? will it void my warranty if they find out that I changed my tyres outside during the service? If so, I can change after the service. Any place to recommend to change tyres (RTF, run to flat type) and battery? thanks.. can pm me .. thanks again
  4. I got this small around 2cm scratches on my side windows. I dun know whether is the outer windows or the solar film. Do you all get bothered by such small scratches? If i were to send for "repair", is it covered under warranty for the solar film? or no point spending $$$ for such a small scratches?
  5. thanks everyone. I continue with AIG in view of my car is still under warranty.. perhaps when warranty over, I may change.
  6. Hi, my insurance (AIG) is due for renewal 1st anniversary. As I was involved in an accident, my B180 now they want to charge me close to $3k. They say 50% NCD is still on but the price increase from around $1.5k to $3k due to the accident. Possible to switch to another motor insurance company? Any other good insurance company to recommend? And will I be at an disadvantage as mercedes insurance is tied to AIG at C&C and if i change insurace company, i wun be able to send the car back to pandan service centre for repair?.. anyone change insurance company before? thanks
  7. hi.. thanks for the advice. I think i wait until warranty over then i go for the mod. I heard horror stories of cnc charging for repairs becos the car has been modded.
  8. hi,. just like to check. I bring my b180 to alexandra service centre, they say blind spot assist cannot be installed as the option is available BEFORE the delivery of the car. Is this true??? Any authorised workshop install blind spot assist (side mirrors)? or must wait till warranty over then install at outside workshop? Thanks
  9. ya.. i tried to use this autopark feature but once it seems too narrow and the car still wanted to continue to park so i chop chop aborted , no balls to try. I think maybe one day if u really want to try , ask ur wife or gf or friend to monitor for you outside the car and signal u whether can go ahead or not
  10. i sent my car for repair of some other things, ask them to update or check the transmission software (dun know whether they did anything or not), but the problem of sudden acceleration seems to be better.. last time used to be 2 weeks once.. now is perhaps 1 mth or 2 mths once... I will ask them to update again during my 100k servicing.. Mine also B180 June 2016.. by the way bro kellenerd, u have the reverse side mirror problem ? that one cannot be solved so I switched the function off.
  11. haha,.thanks.. but higher RPMs (sports mode) very noisy leh ...
  12. Ask u all, whenever i use comfort, gear changes at around 2500-3000, the engine quite loud.. I prefer the gear to change at below 2000, not so noisy... What is the difference between changing gear at higher RPMs (noisy, comfort) and lower RPMs (less noisy, Eco)? I dun really feel any difference between comfort and eco but the sound level is noticeable.
  13. I had toyota, nissan before. This is my first mercedes, a B180, got it 6 mths ago. The number of times I sent my mercedes to service centre in the first 6 mths already equals the number of time I sent my toyota and nissan in 3 years (all warranty period of 3 years). I never though this will happen to mercedes becos i always have the idea that more $$$ means more reliability, guess I am wrong. My problems: 1) The car compartment loose and key latch faulty, have to change a new compartment 2) Reverse gear side mirror after tilting down not returning to exact original position. 3) Sudden acceleration 4) Error message collision assistance inoperative All within 6 mths since I got my B180. Went service centre 6-8 times because each time problem not solved have to return again. Especially problem number 2), in the end, i was told problem number 2) happens to the rest of B180 and the problem is not solved, have to turn off that feature.
  14. I have the collision prevention assist inoperative message last week. Send car to Pandan loop. Took 2 days to repair. They say is sensor problem + they update software for me. Still under warranty so never bother about the details. urs out of warranty? I read merc electronics quite problematic, keeping my fingers crossed dun happen after warranty.
  15. thanks I have email them asking about the update for my B180 cheers