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  1. Anyone has this resolved? I’m having the same issue. Went back twice. 1st time SA heard the sound with me. But when pass to mech. The sound was gone and they couldn’t replicate it. They claimed they did some lubrication to the shaft. Collected the car. Whining sound returned. Had 3 episodes of this irritating sound. Sent back to check. Again they couldn’t replicate the sound. Left for a day. SA called saying they will change the whole shaft. Collected the car today. Guess what! The sound returned after CnC claims they changed a new shaft. Pls advice if any one managed to resolve this. it just seems and feels like nothing was done. Since there are a few similar cases here. Just hope we could get pool together our findings and try to on point where this sound is coming from... attached a clip. 607CF234-269A-4A96-8306-74BED20835C1.MOV