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  1. To me, it does tilt back to the original position. Also, I do not have any memory button to press. When I engaged the D or N gear, it will auto tilt back.
  2. Welcome! A newbie here too
  3. Welcome! Newbie here too
  4. So far, I'm okay with it. In fact, find it comfortable since it is not too glaring that it will blind your eyes while driving at night.
  5. So far no such issue with W205. The side mirror will tilt back to the original position when the R gear is disengaged.
  6. Yeah! Not easy to maintain white and black. Silver is one of the easiest colours to maintain.
  7. Thanks! Love this Diamond White on a MB car..
  8. So far so good. No major complaints. A very smooth and comfortable drive. Just need to get used to the car functions.
  9. Welcome! I'm pretty new here too Mine is about 4-month wait..
  10. Just got my W205 Diamond White C180 Avantgarde. Glad to be a member of this club in Singapore. Hope to know and meet like-minded MB enthusiasts to exchange tips, etc. First question: I am interested to do paint protection for my car. Any recommendation which brand and shop should I go to and anything I should consider before deciding which shop? There may be other threads in this forum on the same topic but just thought of asking this in my intro post here. Thanks!
  11. williesoh / C180 - Avantgarde Diamond White / CCK Loop Just got my car a couple of days ago. Hope to know and meet fellow members for tips and care of our MB cars.