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  1. Bro, sounds like a loose wire connection. Get an ICE expert to look into this.
  2. bro, what is the group's telegram name? thanks
  3. JB workshop - look for Kenny Chai. Its located just outside KSL shopping centre. Decent price for oil change (total damage for my 221 - MR580 or SGD190 = saving of SGD90). Leng Seng service centre, 181 Jln Dato Sulaiman, 80250 Century garden JB. Tel: 019-7774559
  4. bro wings17, believed its the front airmatic kaput liao...do visit one of the recommended WS (Zen Auto-Ah hui / Chip Soon Auto - Daniel). But ask for a thorough diagnostic first. One side front airmatic would probably set you back by 500-800$...
  5. 1) Roxxi - 2) Dark Saint - C Klass 3) President Jimmy - E69 AMG 4) Datok Alvin - E Klass 5) Director TJ - C Klass 6) EOS - Flagship 7) Shawn - SURPRISE - Dun tell you 8) MarkCWQ - ??? 9) Knight_Rider 10) Jasson 11) Yorkshireman - GLA 12) BabyRed - CLA 13) LFK - GLA 14) Kean - Faster & Louder than AMG W205 15) Desmond - Flagship Car C63 16) Blackhicks 17) Alain - CLK W208 cabriolet 18) Saimon Ekin - W205 19) Jon - W204 20) Aaron - W204 21) Dyeeng - W221
  6. Bravo! Btw bro, what’s the damage like? Can share where you replace yours? Thanks
  7. What type of gearbox parts you are looking for?
  8. Bro, what’s the year of your ride? Is your ride from C&C? 😇
  9. Bro legend, suggest visit a WS to have them check out, saves you loads of agony...as Merc battery can sometime just went blank all of a sudden if you aren't careful enough to notice, and when this happen, you may need to tow your ride to your WS which will cost additional (basement and multi storey carpark = $120 per tow, open air carpark jacked up = $80 - 100). Car battery = $180-300....
  10. Bro, I think your battery going kapuk soon... suggest get it check lah..
  11. Bro, can share which WS did you get your valve body quote? Thanks
  12. Bro, Any one encounter in-take manifold issue? Seems like it drives consumption up and rev over 2.5 before gear change.