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  1. What is your address and operating hours. Anyone specific I should look for? Thanks
  2. Hi. Have been getting this error intermittently on dashboard screen on my W204 C180K '07. Went to C&C and they claim the circuit board is faulty and to replace is about $2k. Anyone has similar experience? Read online other Mercs forums and some say this could also just be due to a spring problem in steering wheel. Any other workshops I can send the car for second opinion. Thanks
  3. Hi all I got this on my W204 as well, for about a month already. Can recommend where to check this out, other than C&C. I called them and they said it could be around $2k to replace the board. Thanks
  4. Hi, just got this message on my dash "Check Brake Wear". C&C says it will be about $1.5k to replace. Any other outside workshops to recommend? C180 W204 79,000km
  5. Happening now. Quite a lot of cars. Not sure organized by whom.
  6. Wow nice one. Even the emblem? Wah pure white - a lot of maintenance...
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="rlim1969" data-cid="164763" data-time="1358828605"><p> Hi bro, any good workshop to recommend in the west, around Toh Guan area, to hide the charging cable? Many thanks.</p></blockquote> Autobacs bukit batok I guess. Cheap and good.
  8. Confirm better. I used to spray Sonax Rims Cleaner every week, now my 3 bottles are in the store room. Unless you look closely, you hardly see the dust on the gun metal colour. Also, I find the dust easier to wash off, I only need to use water and a sponge.
  9. Ong Ah Pee - cheap and darn good. And pretty fast. Have used them several times over the years for various stuff - bumper scratched, car door knocked into mine dent, car reversed smashed my rear lights and side panel. https://foursquare.com/v/ong-ah-pee-motor-works-pte-ltd/4e4ce11ad22d10a6c5d0812a
  10. Folks with older cars without Bluetooth music support I just got this and woks fantastic. I can stream music, video podcasts, and even talk via Bluetooth to my Aux in glove compartment. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/428223606/auris-bluetooth-for-your-dock
  11. Saw the new CLS Shooting Brake at Mercs Centre. YUM!
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