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  1. Interested in bonnet, have pearl white bonnet to swop. Pls PM
  2. No worries! Keep up the good work!
  3. Thanks MT but this is a C250.
  4. Hi bros Just upgraded my W204 C250 coupe with a Piecha exhaust. I expected it to have more noise and louder, but there also seem to be more rattling and vibrations. This is especially at low revs. What can be the possible issues? Engine mount?
  5. strut bar still available? Interested... thanks
  6. Hi Max, is the power tailgate compatible for the W205 C250 Coupe? Thanks
  7. RSVP for 9tro Alliance Meet Singapore - Last Mega Car Club Meet Up for 2017 1) Roxxi - GLA 2) Dark Saint - C Klass 3) Datok Alvin- C Klass 4) President Jimmy - E Klass AMG 5) EOS - C Klass 5) Alex Lee - C Klass 6) Goh - GLA 7) Toh - E klass 8) Kenneth - C Klass Coupe 9) 10)
  8. I assume you're talking about stock vs Harmon Kardon. I happen to have HK installed and have not been happier. Quality is great and is as good as any branded non-customized system. Sorry cant give you nay more detail as sound can be very personal. Cheers
  9. Pls PM price for: MERCEDES C CLASS W204 C250 CGI 1.8L 16V 150kW SIM271DE2.0. What results can we expect from the tuning?
  10. Hi. Could I get a quote for the grill below and strut bar, incl install? This is for W204 C250 coupe.
  11. Hi wise and wonderful men and women of SGMerc. I have been hunting for a LTA compliant exhaust upgrade for my ride and have spoken to BMS (Fox) and Fong Kim (Piecha). BMS don't bring in the exhaust model for C250 Coupe. Cant meet the minimum orders. 'Fong Kim can install Piecha on my ride but it comes with round exhaust tips. My ride already has square exhaust tips installed (dummy on right side). What other options do I have? For you kind suggestions.
  12. Hi Interested in the quad muffler tipped for my c250 AMG sports. Do you carry the square exhaust tips? It only has the single exhaust opening at the bumper. Does this have to be replaced or modified to fit? Also please PM price.