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  1. Hi, I have an issue with my tailgate on my S205 (C-class Estate) after changing the battery. The tailgate is unable to close automatically with the buttons on the tailgate, nor the switch on the driver door and also the keyfob. Kick function below the car is not working for closing, but it can help to open it. i am unable to set the opening limit too. All the fuses are checked and they are working fine. No error code from the diagnostic. I searched under Vehicle Settings and there is no option for the tailgate. Consulted google too, but nothing return. I have attached a video showing the issue. Anyone has any idea how to solve this? IMG_1391.MOV
  2. Can you please share the model of the Bosch Wiper? I have been trying to find out the model online. Seems like it is AP550U but can't find such model in Singapore.
  3. Good to find someone that share the same sentiments with RFT. I had a few experiences and the RFT really saved that day, For me I am sticking to RFT!
  4. I squeeze some on a piece of tissue paper and use that to coat the wiper blades. That's it. You can use car polish or wax to polish the windscreen to make the windscreen smoother and reduce chances of juddering further.
  5. I used another brand (Waxco) tyre shines. Works well too and doesn't leave any oil marks. But again, need to apply regularly (about 1 month).
  6. Anyone know if there are Borsch wipers for W205 and where is a good place to get them?
  7. Hi, I have a set of brand new 3D Car mat, given as part of the package from C&C for sale. This is for C-Class (W205 and S205). Sale Price: $180 Please contact me by PM if you are keen.
  8. I have been using Murphy's Oil Soap for many years for my car leather seats for all my cars. I love beign interior and hence have to deal with seats turning dirty. http://www.murphyoilsoap.com/products/original-oil-soap This is very effective in removing the dirt on the seat and you can instantly see the difference. You can get it at the DIY stores. This does not dry up the leather. You can use it for household leather and wooden furniture too. After cleaning the seats with this, I would apply the leather conditioners on it. There are not many leather conditioners around (ie not cleaner cum conditioners), so sometimes I would just use the automotive versions. Right now I am trying this, so far its doing its job. http://howardproducts.com/leather-conditioner/
  9. The difference between normal tyres and RFT is that RFT have strong side wall. So even when it is deflated, the sidewall will still hold up the car and move. It is supposed to be safe to travel below 80km/h and I tried to keep below that. So far for the past few times no issue. For those that are leaking and can still hold some air, like a leaking hole caused by the screw in the most recent incident, I tried to inflate it back to the normal pressure as much as I can so that the wear in that tyre will be as close as to the rest - I know this is stupid for that short distance (max 50km) I will cover till I got it fixed , but it's something that I feel good about. Hope this helps.
  10. I have been using RFT for quite a while and I can say it's the benefits of having it that is more important. Like for like tyres, RFT should cost more, how much more, I guess (my wild guess) should not be more than 30%. I have experienced before when my wife drove the car over the kerb and caused a big cut on the sidewall of the tyre. That happened in the middle of the night on Sat and I could still drive around the next day trying to find replacement. Most recently last month, I got a screw stuck in the tyre in JB. The TPMS gave the alarm. I could drive back to SG, and go the workshop the next day to have it patched. Drive to the workshop and get it patched without having the need to change tyres myself if it's a spare tyre. That very same day, I had a colleague who happened to by using normal tyre and had a flat in the office. He tried to replace them and found that Vovle has upgraded the rims and didn't have provided the tools to remove the nuts. In the end got to get the tow truck to send back to agent to fix. I worked in Tuas area and often get sharp things on the road, so to me RFT is the best for me. To me, the increase in cost and supposedly more noise and less comfort is fine and is overridden by the benefit of minimal downtime and convenience.
  11. I have been buying RFT tyres from tyrepac in the past in my last car. Bought over 3 sets for my last car and the prices for that profile was reasonable. I had tried Hankook RFT in the past, but I felt that they wore out too quickly, so in the end I went back to Bridgestone and Continental.
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