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  1. Glad to hear that you got what you wanted!
  2. Check our site sponsor Propel Autoparts 28 Kranji Road. They run a scrap yard for MB, BMW, Audi, VW, Volvo, etc
  3. Pls scroll down this folder and there’s a topic 3 pages long - recommendations for good workshop to do servicing.
  4. For sale - A set of W212 E Class audio cables in perfect conditions. More likely I didn't use them other than the iPod cable 3 cables in total i. USB - female ii. 3.5mm female audio jack iii. iPod/old iphone male Asking for $40 - Call WhatsApp 91777772 before 21 Jul '20
  5. Probably the workshop is right about mechatronic issue. I used to have a brand new Audi Q5 When reversing up slope or "quick reverse" - "no reverse gear" msg. Switch off engine and it was ok again. Sold the car within 5 months of ownership. Go to another workshop for a 2nd opinion
  6. There's no specific group chat for W207. There's a SGMerc Telegram Chat Look for rickosw!
  7. W204 parts are not really “expensive” especially for routine wear & tear replacements. important is to get a reliable workshop that you can work with. i had a Honda but that was 28 yrs ago so no comments. My first MB was a 1977 W123 200E i m on my 9Th MB with some Audi in between important for you is to get a reliable workshop to check the conditions of the car, do a full diagnostic run & validate the odometer reading (can't run away with the diagnostic checks)
  8. My Bro has renewed his 2009 C200 (PI) last year. His mileage was near to 200k km.
  9. Your file was encrypted that's why you can't open it. Here's the un-encrypted file version which you should be able to see your car birth cert Mercedes-Benz E 250 BlueEFFICIENCY Cabriolet 2010-09-09 - WDD2074472F080238.pdf
  10. Should have lah! Think he has not "trained" himself to activate the brake hold. Now the new MBs are so easy to activate. Just step in and pressed hard and brakes immediately hold No more what 2 quick steps or tai chi movement to hold the brakes Take care Bro! Hope to see you one of these days to drink kopi & have a smoke....hahahah!
  11. Have you try to activate the brakes while in D mode. i.e step down, release a little and step down all the way in. I had a 2010 W212 Sedan which is similar to your engine and has the brake hold. My ride about the same time as blackmercs. In fact we had a photo shoot session together and with another E250 cabrio too. Anyway attached is your birth cert of your ride Enjoy your read when your car was assembled and what are the major features that came with your ride Mercedes-Benz E 250 BlueEFFICIENCY Cabriolet 2010-09-09 - WDD2074472F080238.pdf
  12. Has your workshop did a full diagnostic checks on your issues?
  13. Congratulations on your new ride and glad that you're loving it! Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay with us!
  14. Selling on behalf of a friend AMG Style Steering Wheel with red stitching complete with airbag Please note this steering is for W213 only and not for A,B,C Classes. Owner has changed his steering wheel & steering column for the latest W213 AMG Steering Wheel He's looking at $799 (with airbag) Buying an airbag alone can set you back by more than $500. This steering includes airbag for the flat bottom steering Stock non flat bottom W213 steering wheel airbag cannot fit into flat bottom type Interest party can contact :- George at 97513941 (WhatsApp)
  15. Should have! Try taking 2 quick steps on the brake pedal with the 2nd step all the way in Earlier MB models brake hold gotto get use to how to apply it Latest models are much easier
  16. Should have the brake hold function Try take 2 quick steps on the brake pedal
  17. Congratulations on your ride! I bought one from CnC back in late 2011 (guess your ride is around this period) The selling price back then was $260k+ It was a 1st time MB put a 3L engine to the ML or W164 model and they called it the Sport Edition before they brought in the newer ML model W166. This car is assembled in the US and it has a very quiet cabin. You can even see sound damping material inside the door panels Enjoy your ride and your stay in this forum!
  18. Try to local stockists like Goldenlink https://www.goldenlink.com.sg/ or look for an used one from our site sponsor Proplel Autoparts
  19. Sorry! I can't help you on exhaust Benzline can assist you for LTA approved exhausts Kufatec has only a "Sound Booster" but not too sure anyone in Sg bring in Kufatec products. I bought things directly from Kufatec before when I was driving Audi
  20. Original body kit or non original? Original probably Benzline can help you. AMG BBK 6 pots or 4 pots go check out Carousell Sg- lots
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