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  1. Doc, Unker no more moolah! You sponsor me can? That time reborn, I want to be like you
  2. A warm welcome to SGMERC!
  3. Waa w213 no ILS option so like that plug & play buy multibeam with 84 LEDs headlamps. 2009 W212 E250 Elegant model think no ILS or Halogen iirc. is that an upgrade or downgrade with multi beam?
  4. Will be good to post a picture here and indicate for which car model.
  5. Dunno about the current W213 head lamps. Older models from 2016 YOM do not have ILS. If money no issue, ILS Headlamps can be retrofitted locally
  6. Dear All E Class owners, Finally Page 1 E Class Owner list finally got updated since the last update in Sep 2017 cos I just switched from W212 to an used W213. If your details in the list are incorrect, or you want to update more information, just drop a line to this thread Other E Class owners whose names are not in the list and want to be included also drop a line here.
  7. Free Bump!
  8. Not too sure but a reset of the warning message could be needed. Another thing have you check your alternator charging in case it's not able to charge your battery fully. This could be a failure of your previous battery Go back to your place where you bought your battery replacement and get them to check your alternator charging and ensure the battery terminal cables are not loose.
  9. ITEM SOLD! For Sale a set of W213 stock staggered rims c/w Goodyear Eagle F1 Run Flat Tyres are still very meaty and to my estimation has >75% thread life left Rims IIRC maybe 1 or 2 has very slight or small kerb rashes which can be easily touch up by the tyre shops. Looks almost brand new! A good upgrade for W213 with 17" stock rims - plug & play For other cars like W205 - please check your fitment whether the rims offsets will have enough clearance from your brake calipers and fenders - both front and bad Front Wheels: 245/45/R18 - 8Jx18 ET43 Rear Wheels: 275/40/R18 - 9Jx18 ET53 Interested: WhatsApp me at 91777772
  10. Doc, When the FLW204 it came out with a 1.6L engine which churn out 154bhp. Our kaki CKlasse aka TP Yap indented a C180cgi which had the 1.8L engine with 184hp. The CnC 1.6L came with Halogen, no memory package & no keyless. Same time they had the 1.8L C180 without those features Yap indented his 1.8L C180 with ILS, Memory package and keyless. He waited about 1/2 yr for his ride. The C180 1.8L was available for a <1 yr period. Yap sold his 1.8L C180 after about 2 yrs at a big depreciation. I would have bought his car if I had not bought the 1.6L C180cgi.earlier IIRC Before CnC earlier offered the C180 with the SC 154hp. it was a no brainer when the C180 SC & C180 1.8L cgi all disappear within about a 1 yr window. i remembered you went for the C250 cgi. Those who wanted 184bhp went to the PI which offer C200 with wood trimming compared to CnC with basic alu trimming.
  11. 1. Nothing is impossible but likely you must find a workshop who can install it especially for the memory seats to work. 2. FL conversion has been done on a number of cars but not "cheap" Beside bumpers change, bonnet change, you need someone who can install and program the changes
  12. If go things are equal other than slight price differences - take the C200 (Likely PI - don't think CnC at that time bring in C200) C180 1.6 IIRC comes with Supercharger (Some can't stand the SC noise) and IIRC 154hp C180 1.8cgi comes with Turbo Charger IIRC 184hp PI C200 1.8 cgi IIRC 184hp usually comes in dark wood trims as compare to CnC C180 with Alu trim There's no 7-Gtronics for W204 back in 2009 My younger Bro is renewing his 2009 C200 COE in 2 months time
  13. You're welcome! Enjoy your ride and happy motoring!