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  1. Hahaha 😂 I downgraded my CnC W213 E250 stock 18” staggered with run flat to 17” rims with cheap & fat 225/55/17” tires. Soft enough for my old arse. Previous W212s that I had, ran 18” AMG to 19” Brabus Monoblok Q to stock 17” I still prefer the 17” personally You want heavy feeling the W124 will be best. Taxi uncles will beat you at traffic lights but once you pickup speed on the highway it will be a different animal
  2. Stockist CnC Scrap yard - site sponsor Propel 28 Kranji Road
  3. Think TS is referring to the forward/reverse "orrrr...orrrr" (brakes & tyre sound) while parking which is normal. Think TS wants an "excuse" for himself to change to BBK.
  4. For the W203 was poor design to get engine oil into the engine wire harness. I was told by MBM at that time beside changing the wire harness & sensors, they did some mod to prevent that happening again. I drove it for 5 years and my younger bro took it to the full 10 years without further issue. What a waste to scrap it! One of the better looking W203 at that time on the road (see pictures below) That time young like most here want more hp & ride to look good Changed the following on my W203 1. Changed C180 Supercharger to C230 Supercharger (MBM) 2. Kleemann K Box with pulley kit with K&N air filter, bigger fuel pump, Kleemann down pipes, (MBM) 3. De-Cat (MBM) 4. Lorinser twin LTA approved exos (Benzline) 5. Heller Bi-Xenon Headlamps (Benzline) 6. Full Lorinser Body Kit (Benzline, sprayed painted by TCL Spray Painting - the infamous Ah Long) 7. Brabus Monobloc Rims (Benzline) 8. AMG Front BBK (Benzline) 9. Upgraded Audio System & took part in IASCA competitions. (New Generation Cartoon) After looking back, nowadays everything is stock! Want faster car buy fast car `
  5. The reasons why I asked these question. I had 2 PFLW212 both CnC cars. The 1st W212 was less than 2 months old in 2010 After pumping petrol & while driving out of the petrol kiosk, the car becomes jerky and lost of power. I switched off the engine and and turned it on again, the ride was ok. I had that car for 1 yr+ and another time while driving, the car suddenly lost power as if it went into limp mode but after continuing driving about less than 10s, it became normal. The 2nd W212 (Nov 2011) had a few similar incidences or rather iirc 3x. That cat I drove for >190k km before I sold it last year. Timing cam gear changed, gear box pcba changed, turbo charger (cannot remember repaired or changed) Each time the problem went away for a long time. Had this car for 5 years.
  6. Sorry guys, Accidentally deleted the tread! Continuous problem even now? Intermittent problem everyday or every other day or weeks? Car came to a stop? After restarting the engine, car ok? Car lost power, then pickup again and everything seems normal? How many times it had happened?
  7. Pro for staying in humble HDB I got the Blanga not to wash my car but my wheels for $15/mth
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