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  1. I m a Singaporean but I m stationed in Jakarta. There're a few MB part stockists in Sg but I usually goes to Goldenlink for eg. wiper blades, brake pads, rotors, etc. https://www.goldenlink.com.sg/ When you contact them, have your VIN number ready. This's to ensure they get the right part for you. Hope they can help you!
  2. Probably one of the local stockist can it indent for you. Try Goldenlink - They will not order the wrong part for you! They will need your ride VIN to get the right part to order.
  3. Not appropriate to post the price here on TS post I post here is to help the item for sale as it's really a very nice set of wheels What I paid for imho is not the average market price and unlikely you can find such a set at such price. This FS thread pricing is pretty reasonable - a new set easily set you back >$4000
  4. See whether our site sponsor propel autoparts can help you. On line store they have W202 C280 ECU https://propel-auto.com/online-store/?brand=mercedes-benz&model=w202&paged=NaN
  5. Like I said before "If it ain't broken don't fix it!" My previous 7 yr old W212 clocked nearly 200k km and didn't change the water pump or even timing chain. Even if a water pump kaput (jammed bearing) or leaking, your ride will get overheating warning. Just topping up water until you reached your workshop or get the car tow.
  6. I guess your ride is a C180 cos CnC don't sell C200 except C200 Mild Hybrid. CnC don't takes PI cars
  7. Hi kepiting1sg ,can share where to find this AMG Rim? Looking for my W205 preferably 17" non staggered , TIA 

    1. kepiting1sg


      Amg rim designs usually come staggered and from 18" up but not 17"

      I found a non staggered 18" AMG rims with the same design which is for the older W176 A Class Hatchback and W117 CLA but you should be able to use it with the right size of tyres for your W205.

      This is the nearest you can get!


      I seen similar design ones on Carousell - here are some

      https://sg.carousell.com/p/18-ins-original-amg-rim-for-w117-cla-180-285831863/?t-id=2503571_1585713142994&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=aUsypwQUjAU0i3O6&t-referrer_search_query=amg rims 18&t-referrer_sort_by=popular

      It's cheap for an used set but made sure they are real cos there are fakes too. Don't wait anymore before it's gone - $1000 non staggered same design

      https://sg.carousell.com/p/18-original-w117-cla180-rim-285525697/?t-id=2503571_1585713142994&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=aUsypwQUjAU0i3O6&t-referrer_search_query=amg rims 18&t-referrer_sort_by=popular

      You may wanna see what are available for your W205.


      Some of these rims are available when owners upgrade when their rides are new or later.


    2. purple_cat


      Hi Bro, thank you for your reply and the links , i don't like the stock rims i will contact seller 

      It's nice to see you active again , i met you once at you house carpark to show you the retractable screen install by Gregory, do you remember ? that i time was driving W204 and bought AMG rim from one of member here for $1000.

      Thanks & Best Regards



    3. kepiting1sg


      Must be a long time back :)

      I still meet Gregory once awhile at Safra Toa Payoh when my wife or son goes bowling

      $1000 for the rims is a very good price and what's more is non staggered

      Check for authentic and not fake amg

      On the back of the rims should have the rim maker name Ronal if It's made in Germany together with the rim part numbers

      If it's made in Austria then don't have the rim maker name Ronal

      These rims really look fabulous and 1 of the nicest by amg

  8. Free BUMP for you! I actually downgraded from stock 18" staggered to 17" for a softer ride and cheaper tires. Last week, I came across a bargain that I can't resist. Brand new AMG rims with tires taken off a E200 AMG Line. Car looks much better than 17" softer ride
  9. You can buy a new one from CnC - should be about $170. Go to CnC Alexandra & go to the service counter and show them what you wanna buy. if they’ve stock, you get in immediately or other CnC Service Centre has, they will order for you or direct you to which CnC
  10. I do not know them but imho buy the car that’s already in the showroom. You buy what you see!
  11. I do not know exactly the shapes of your door pockets & arm rests. Search eBay you should be able to find the right ones. For a start search eBay UK
  12. Check on eBay! There're LHD & RHD storage for GLC Click LHD RHD
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