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  1. You try Goldenlink Auto! They should be able to order for you if they have no stock! Here's a whole list of MB stockist
  3. Actual company name is Innovasia Automobile Retrofit Pte Ltd 51 Ubi Ave 1 Paya Ubi Industrial Park #05-15 S408933 Tel: 63526030 Boss: Ivan Hp: 91117447
  4. Please see site sponsor Elebest for the S.E.A Maps
  5. 1. Autospritze - 1 Kim Chuan Terrace 2. TLS Auto - Block 1010 #01-113 Bukit Merah Lane 3 2. MBM Wheelpower - 160 Sin Ming Drive #06-02 Sin Ming AutoCity
  6. You mean the turbocharger unit and not the engine? Send to a reliable workshop for a diagnostic check for 2nd opinion. My previous W212 turbo unit was replaced around 180,000 km.
  7. Please do not make multiple posts on the same topic You can approach our site sponsor Elebest.
  8. As in the owner manual - Every 15K km For my ride - 15K km or 1 year whichever come first
  9. Can try our site sponsor Sonic My W213 turbine air vent with ambient lighting
  10. Please contact rickosw above
  11. You can also consider iRoad Many car accessories should be able to sell & install Blackvue or iRoad Dash cam. You might want to try out site sponsor Sonic Warning: It's a snake pit with lots of available poisons
  12. Congrats on your new ride! Welcome to the forum Cantom & enjoy your stay here!
  13. Guess not! You might probably have to replace it from an used panel which you might get at our local scrapyard Propel Autoparts 28 Kranji Road or you might get an used panel from eBay. Here are some from eBay and they might suit your ride or salvage the button for your replacement This one cheapest - plus shipping USD29 for whole panel Search here