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  1. I guess probably the crossing path car was way to near It probably works well while you're driving on the road
  2. If it's not leaking from your cooling system, it could be a blown cylinder head gasket. Don't think that will cost you much just by changing the head gasket without any other services like "top overhaul"
  3. The cooling system is a closed system and If you've to top up coolant every 3 days it means it slowly leaking out some where. If it's not the hoses, pump or radiator or your engine top gasket. If water mixed with oil, yes you could get white smoke but if it's just water leaked into your cylinder head, you will not. Better get your car check to find out where is the leak
  4. I am using this from Mercedes Basic hanger is about $50 Hook is about $50 with the basic hanger you can add at least 2 more functions
  5. I think you should have no problem selling your rims for $400-$500. Why not put up a "WTS" thread in the Buy & Sell folder with some nice pictures of your rims. You can also check with the tyre shops to trade in your rims for new tyres when you buy your new set of rims If you wanna do a paint job, the workshop should be able to tape up the shiny surfaces before doing the spray painting. Many paint shops should be able to do a good job on your rims.
  6. You see a picture of my amg rim surfaces highlighted in red lines. These are the high sheen surfaces created by very fine machining processes on multi axis CNC Machining Centre or CNC Mill. Any spray paint job on these surfaces, the high sheen finishing will be gone forever unless you do a re-machining by skimming these surfaces to get back the original high sheen finish. This will need a very knowledgeable machinist/engineer and good CNC equipment. With more losses of the original material, wheel can be badly out of balance. You will need also the original 2D & 3D drawings to assist in the programming of the machining process. This will also end up to be more costly than buying a new set. My take, if you do not need the original shiny sheen finish and just want a good paint job done go ahead. Not necessary CnC will do the best spray painting jobs. Once, I got CnC Pandan to respray one of my previous set of amg rims Rims are not manufactured Diamler Benz but usually by this OEM company RONAL. (appears on most AMG rims with the imprint on the rear of the rim)
  7. If you're referring to the high sheen finish of your OEM rims, unlikely anyone can do it for you in Singapore even CnC. The high sheen finish is created when the rim manufacturer do the machining of the rim and finished off with a clean coat of lacquer to keep the high sheen finishing created by the machining processes. The high sheen finish is unfortunately not attainable by spray painting. Respraying will bring a dull finish to your original amg rims.
  8. From your description to activate it, it looks like the previous owner installed an after market multi media box which includes the Galactio GPS feature. Your original input cable to the stock HU is connected to the input of multi media box and the multimedia box includes another cable connecting it's output to input of your stock HU. Likely the multi media box is hidden somewhere behind your stock HU. Good to know you're good! Unker Drive carefully & Stay Safe
  9. For cargo mat or "boot tub" you can buy from CnC Should be around $170 +/- and fit exactly to your cargo area.
  10. The LED indicator is for the speed limiter and is usually turned off. The stalk is for both cruise control & speed limiter. Other possible cause like other forum members had mentioned is possibly your front video cam especially iRoad Car Video Cam which has ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance Systems) which will warned driver such as blind spot or passed speed limit setting. (I turned my iRoad ADAS off) I've owned a 2010 W212 and a 2011 W212 but nvr has encounter such a problem. Is your car // import or from CnC?
  11. I had a C180 cgi in Nov 2011 from Cycle & Carriage and it's 1.6L engine Around late 2010, lots of confusion, 1.6L & 1.8L FL C180 earlier I guess only 5 spd auto for 1.6L cgi and not 7 speed G-tronic which appear 2nd half of 2011. What I don't like No keyless No memory seat What I like I added in paranomic roof option Start Stop feature the 1.6L engine with 7-Gtronics is very frugal in FC. In the KPE I can get <5L/100km or >20km/L Real life probably around 7.5L/100km
  12. You might wanna try our site sponsor Propel Autoparts
  13. Some of the // import comes with low specs i.e no keyless and or no memory seats. Look for CnC cars, diff won't be much! You like the LED head lights better right?
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