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  1. Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay with us! To join the SGMERC Telegram chat group do PM Moderator Ricksow Click PM for Ricksow
  2. Usually, front brake pads will wear out faster than those at the rear because the front handles more of the braking load. If it's not broken then don't fix it unless you do long distances especially in Malaysia My previous 7.5yr old W212 hit 190k km - never has to change the water pump. Gear box, I encounter the pcb in the gear box has an issue and got it replaced - not a common known issue
  3. AMG Style or original AMG? Does the back of the rims look like the one in this picture?
  4. When I was shopping around for an used GLC - one owner told me his ride got Carplay. When I wanna plug my iPhone to test, he told me, it works only for his phone
  5. Have a good read - discussion on apple car play thread starts in 2016 to 2018. IMHO 3 choices a. After market multimedia box - mirroring + apple TV b. Change OEM COMAND HU with Apple Carplay - need coding for vehicle to accept new HU c. After Market Android HU
  6. IMHO If your USB ports with 1 that is similar to USB Port 2 (sign of phone & tablet) - Your car is installed with Carplay/Android Auto and possibly not activated. If not, then you might have to retrofit Carplay
  7. Garmin Map Pilot S.E.A SD Card - Is this similar?
  8. Happy for you they fixed your issues! When Vincar own workshop is overloaded, they spillover to TLS
  9. There's a SGMERC Telegram chat group Here's the link or you might want to contact Forum Moderator rickosw
  10. Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay here!
  11. Go and search for member Camber53 and pm him
  12. My brother has renewed his 2009 PFL W204 and never has problem during hisannual car inspection. The only mod on his ride is only the tail lamps Likewise my friend 2010 E350 PFL C07 (E Coupe) has done a full exterior F L mod has no problem passing his annual car inspection.
  13. S$99 for a quick deal! Lac Crado price for this model: Praslin strap is USD169.00
  14. Lac Crado Handmade Limited Edition Alligator Leather Strap for Panerai watch Material: ALLIGATOR Leather Strap Length – 75mm x 125mm Strap Size – lug/buckle : 26mm/24mm This item was handmade with care Buckle - Panerai style - polished Stainless steel Purchased in June '19 for $195.00 (3.5 months old) Selling for $120.00 WhatsApp: 91777772 Actual picture of strap on watch & from Lac Crado site