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  1. Hi Ricky, Anymore new map updates for 2017 or 2018?
  2. Site sponsor Optima Werkz 551 Upper Thomson Rd, S574415 6452 6868 I service my ride here!
  3. Without Media Interface option in the car, these cables are useless. Furthermore the whole set consist of 3 cables and not 2 a. 8mm audio jack b. iPod c. USB
  4. If you've not changed your muffler or exhaust system it's ok
  5. If your Left cornering has error means likely your Left cornering bulb is blown. It's usually a H7 bulb which can be easily replaced at any accessories shop or DIY
  6. Will be helpful for your sale if you can provide info on what model and year for your W212.
  7. This is Audio 20 and not COMAND. Audio 20 do not have navigation.
  8. You have COMAND NTG 2.0 or AUDIO 20? COMAND NTG 2.0 comes with Navigation and is a 6" Screen This is Audio 20
  9. YES! Front Wheels: 8Jx18 ET50 (p/n AMG B66031494 - A20440198027X25) Rear Wheels: 8.5Jx18 ET54 (p/n AMG B66031495 - A20440199027X25)
  10. It's not just Memory seats but memory package It includes a. Seating positions b. Steering wheel position (In/out & Up/down) c. Wing Mirrors Left & Right positions You can have to 3 memory settings (maybe Memory 1 for yourself, Memory 2 for your wife and Memory 3 for another person) For Memory 1 setting 1. You press 1 2. Adjust your seating positions, steering positions (Up/down & in/out) and L/R side mirrors 3. OK Press M and hold a few secs Setting for Memory 1 done For Memory 2 setting 1. You press 2 Then do 2 & 3 above Setting for Memory 2 done For Memory 3 setting if needed 1. Press 3 and repeat the rest
  11. Any particular reason for Maxell? I recommend you Energizer or Panasonic Why not Panasonic, Renata, Sony, Engergizer, Varta, GP? I've being in the battery industries for >28 years! One of the more popular brand is Panasonic as they have a very large plant in Jakarta. My previous company stopped making Li Coin and we got Panasonic to OEM for us. All primary battery has a self life and if things are equal, the fresher off the shelf is the best.
  12. Welcome to your 1st MB! Noted that you are active on VAGSG
  13. You can buy Lithium Coin CR2025 at your local NTUC outlet! I am pretty sure you can get them too at GIANT outlets too. $1 shop sells them too but not too sure of their expiry dates
  14. Voice button on your steering wheel works only with COMAND HU!