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  1. Datuk, You're looking for these arh
  2. Datuk! Car too comfy lah & put you to sleep!
  3. My 2017 Toyota New Fortuner also start the same way. 1. Step on Brake Pedal and push Start/Stop button
  4. It's correct that you've to step on the brake pedal to start your car with the Start/Stop Button
  5. Top wheels fitted on the car are meant for W204 Front & Rear Wheels: 7.5Jx17 ET47 (p/n MER A2044010402659765 - A2044010402) but can be fitted due to the narrower width 7.5J - E Class use 8.0J
  6. Go to a workshop that knows their stuff and not maybe this or that. Visit our site sponsor Optima-Werkz at 551 Upper Thomson Road. I do my car repairs and servicing there. Never fails to rectify my car issues (idle cam gears, leaking turbo, faulty gear box pcba, etc) over the years. BTW all these issues has CEL lighted up.
  7. You are welcome! In short, if you have memory seats, you will have the reverse tilting mirror!
  8. Don't have unless you've the memory package which include 1. front seats 2. wing mirrors 3. Steering column
  9. What C? What new ride again? No more young, no more changing cars so often like last time (2009 to 2012) Driving my old late 2011 PFLW212 - 7Gtronics Done all the major repairs ----ouch! 1. Timing Cam gears 2. Gearbox PCBA 3. Turbo oil leakage Now I am working in Jakarta - Bought a new Toyota Fortuner here 3 months back - price <1/3 of a new one in Sg Come back for weekends every 3 to 4 weeks. The old E nowadays hardly driven other than my wife bring my son to school nearby & his sport activities. Probably renew 10 years COE. See how first! Still mulling - OMV near $60K but hard to find a car with what I want. a. Pano-roof b. Original Command c. Rear Auto-Screen d. Rear windows original manual blinds e. ILS f. Memory package g. Parktronics Still has the original MB Rear Entertainment System - not installed Wanted to downgrade last year. Looked at the new Camry 2.5, Madza 6 Wagon, Peugeot 508 Wagon & Honda Accord IMHO - Old E still better!
  10. Go to AutoSpritze No: 1 Kim Chuan Terrace Look for Dennis They were among to sell Mov'it BBK in Sg
  11. Try our site sponsor workshop Optima Werkz I usually send my car for repairs or servicing at their Upper Thomson branch.
  12. Hi Ricky, Anymore new map updates for 2017 or 2018?
  13. Site sponsor Optima Werkz 551 Upper Thomson Rd, S574415 6452 6868 I service my ride here!
  14. Without Media Interface option in the car, these cables are useless. Furthermore the whole set consist of 3 cables and not 2 a. 8mm audio jack b. iPod c. USB