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  1. Welcome to the forum Mitch66! Hope you will enjoy your stay with us!
  2. Price is decent! Renewing the COE depending earlier this year is around $35,000 Foregoing the rebate or 50% OMV is around $20k+ Checking the mileage is very important! Before buying it get a workshop to plug in the Diagnostic checks. The actual mileage will show up and any fault errors too.
  3. Congratulations on your 1st ride. Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay here!
  4. Guess you are right and probably MB Engineers shortchanged FL W212 owners except USA The PFL W212 Climate Control has the center/footwells/side air vents mode Looks like the FL W212 Climate Control has the center/footwells air vents mode only for USA not for ROW Go & read your owner manual whether refer to this air vents mode for USA only The current W213 Climate Control has the center/footwells/side air vents mode W212 PFL W212 FL W213 FL
  5. Look for PFL W212 Avantgarde models, not Elegance - Avantgarde has better trims & suspension slightly lowered Oct 2010 & before (C&C) - "hockey sticks" DRL 5 speed auto with a gear shifter in the centre console, a single oval exhaust tips (double tips for AMG line) Elegance comes with wood grain internal trims, Avantgarde came with piano wood or maple wood trim and AMG line with Alu trim Late Oct 2011 & above (C&C) - 7-Gtronics aka 7 speed auto, newer "colorful" instrument cluster, dual trapezoidal exhaust tips, 18" staggered light alloy rims. Late Oct 2011 & early 2012 - C&C cars come with COMAND (Cockpit Management and Data system) - bigger infotainment display screen with original GPS that navigates inside tunnels like KPE even without satellite signals, In built HDD iirc 30gb that can help store at least 8 or 10gb memory for your songs. Voice Command feature, etc. The COMAND came free with every C Class & above during that period when MB was celebrating 125 years anniversary. IMHO, Look for early 2012 Avantgarde Models with & 7 Gtronics that have high specs i.e with COMAND & probably you like one with Panoramic roof (some PI cars in 2012 were still selling old stock of 5 speed model)
  6. Just toggle the tab up or down till you see this mode
  7. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay with us!
  8. The "new engines" are already here CnC do not offer E250 anymore except E300 with the additional 241hp https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_specs.php?CarCode=11846&Subcode=7018 E200 will soon arrive with the 197hp version
  9. Some dashcam are equipped with ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance System) eg. collision warning You can go to the setting to turn it ON or OFF For iRoad
  10. Not with CnC? They will ident the car with the features you want and they don't do retrofit afaik
  11. You should easily average out >10km/L My last reset on my W213 E250 average out 8.9L/100km or 11km/L over >12,000km On highways & KPE tunnel, I can easily average below 6.5L/100km or >15km/L cruising around between 70kmhr to 90kmhr My right foot is very light and I drive my car as if there are no brakes. Braking often means you've to step on the gas often to rev it up to your driving speed Always cruise on a steady speed according to the traffic conditions, anticipate traffic infront of you, ease your right foot off the gas pedal without hogging the roads. For W213 the default setting is C "Comfort" but I usually turn on E "Economy" setting There're other setting S, S+ and Individual. In Economy setting, when the car is up at cruising speed & torque, the D icon on your meter turns green and the engine rpm will drops to idling rpm. You can take your foot off the gas pedal while the car continue to cruise by itself. (It's like cruising in Neutral but all done by the car only in Economy setting) Other feature will be to turn on the ECO Start/Stop for fuel economy.
  12. Should be able to polish off! You can check with any detailer for their advice. Surprising it seems that rain water do not leave watermark on paintwork but tap water does. Not too sure about water in Singapore though My ride in Jakarta had watermarks a few times. My local detailer was able to polished if off. This happened when I washed the ride myself and didn't dry it up after washing.
  13. There's a gadget call VIM or Video In Motion If you're in the States, you've to get it over there and get someone to install it. You also can buy it on line from Kufatec Germany Click link below Video In Motion - W213
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