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  1. W124 started in 1984/85 up to year 1995/96. So the newest W124 you can find is more than 20 years old and would have survived at least 2 rounds of 10 yrs COE. The W124 is an easy to maintain car, that’s why many are still on the roads here in Sg & MY. probably lesser electronics! its a heavy car, so you may lose out to the Taxi uncle off the traffic lights but on the highway, it cruises happily. They started with carburetor fuel & air feed with contact point in the distributor cap timing for ignition. They went on to have fuel injection and electronic ignition in early 90s. The older W124 in 1990 or earlier comes with Zebrano wood and in 1992, they offer walnut wood trimmings with very nice walnut sliding cover on the center console. Wing mirrors and seats were manual & non electric. Most of the 1992 models suffer from overheating in our Sg climate. In 1995, the last of the W124 was called the Masterpiece. MB gave all they have into this 1995 Masterpiece W124 outgoing model to be replaced by W210. The Masterpiece came with electric seats, wing mirrors, auto cruise and wooden gear knob. iirc, it comes with wooden steering too. I hope this is enough of an overview of the W124 and which year model you want to look for as it span over 10 years after the W123. Ive owned the following E Class 1. 1977 W123 200E 2. 1991 W124 200E 3. 2007 W211 E200 4. 2010 W212 5 spd auto E250 5. 2011 W212 7 spd g-tronics E250 6. 2017 W213 9 spd g-tronics E250 The 1991 W124 I owned went through many phases of car audio changes for competitions including winning 1st place in KL for SQL. The 1st photo below was my W124 at a Car Exhibition at EXPO parked outside the convention display area. Together with my car audio installer MB Vito in the 4th & 5 photo. We were part of the Seletar Sat night scene in the early 2000s blasting our sound system away. wonder how we get the juice to power up our audio system. i was on a 500 amp special order high output alternator & my car audio installer was running 2 high output power alternators on his MB Vito.
  2. Go to the scrapyard Propel Autoparts 28 Kranji Rd. They definitely has one to sell to you but hopefully with the right color. I went there recently after a lapse of >10 yrs to buy a W212 car jack & spanner for my W213. MB nowadays comes only with RFT and no options of a donut spare tyre with car jack and tools or a MB air pump with TireFit kit
  3. For possibility of Android Auto, you might want to check with site sponsor Elebest! I got my previous W212 stock speakers repaired with repair kit which my friend did it for me
  4. Welcome & enjoy your stay here!
  5. any workshop should be able to replace the bulb for you
  6. Try the scrap yard - Propel Autoparts - 28 Kranji Road
  7. Unless your car came with the GPS option. It can be Garmin Pilot or COMAND or your ride has no GPS feature. Press the Navigation button on the HU and if there's a GPS function, navigation will appear. If there's no GPS feature, nothing will come on
  8. Go to the scrap yard Propel Auto 28 Kranji Road. You're not the 1st one to ask! Their on-line stall YOM 2008 - $107 YOM 2012 - $300 Probably if you visit them directly, they can sell you for much less and install for you foc Please note their online prices are meant for overseas buyers. Going directly, you might get to pay only maybe 50% of the price. I know the owner Steven Gooi for >15 yrs. Maybe if I am you town, you buy a kopi and bring me there with you for a good price Boss Steven is a very nice guy but if you are geow, he will be even geow than you. He might not even want to sell the item to you. That's what happened to my younger brother when he wanted to buy the driver side sun visor for his W203 Steven told him don't have When I wanted to buy the 3rd brake light for my previous W124, Steven the boss even climbed up the racking, chose a good one for me and sold it to me only S20 I Various prices on eBay for <S$100 for the right one climate control&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=2&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 I've made purchases from more than 800 eBay sellers for > 20 years With PayPal protection, i.e non-delivery, item not working or as described, PayPal will get seller to compensate you in full. YOM 2008 - $107
  9. Yes! The usual running temperature is around 90 degC. The CnC SA could be right! Why not get a 2nd opinion from a reliable MB workshop. These are the usual workshops I frequent for my MB issues 1. Optimawerk 2.AutoSpritze 3. TLS Auto 4. Ignite Performance Lab
  10. For my Android Auto to work, I use the original MB cable. Here's it including the part number from MB.
  11. The shops that I recommended above should be qualified to do your blackvue installation. 1. plugging your Blackvue battery pack to the 12v cigarette socket is the same as tapping from other accessories power cable. 2. That means your Blackvue battery pack will be charged when your car is running and hopefully it will power your dashcam when you’re parking. 3. Do not connect your Blackvue power pack to the car battery. It will drain your car battery when your Blackvue power pack capacity is depleted. 4. Every battery has a cycle life.- 1 discharged and 1 charging is consider as 1 cycle. Meaning also everyday you will be discharging & charging your Blackvue power pack. Unlike your car battery which is technically call a starter battery i.e just to start your engine and the alternator will takes over to supply the electrical current to run your car & accessories. Most likely your Blackvue power pack which is basically a battery pack will last not as long as your car battery. i m in the cells & batteries assembly manufacturing for more than 30 yrs of which I spent 28 yrs with VARTA Battery of Germany. Currently I m working for a Chinese battery company in Jakarta assembling original Smartphone batteries for the various popular Smartphone Companies in Indonesia.
  12. Almost any car accessories shop should be able to do the installation. They will not tap the power supply from the cigarette socket. I do not do recording when my car is parked. That solve buying backup batteries My dashcams are power through accessories key position meaning when the car is running, then my dash cam is on. I did mine at AutoSpritze/Wee Heng Car Accessories - No 1 Kim Chuan Terrace - Look for Ah Boon Look for Ah Boon - you can mentioned my mine Mr. Seah (don't worry, I don't get commission ) If you are in the West - Look for Darren Auto at Toh Guan - Look for Darren Seah or his worker Ah Boon Ubi Area - New Generation Auto Sound - Look for Cartoon aka Elson Installation charges to my estimate should be less than $80 or cheaper.
  13. Go to a reliable workshop to get a proper diagnostic of your CEL problem