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  1. Hi Bro,


    Can share the WS address @ the west side that did your E class servicing?


  2. Hi bro, Mine dun have the CGI behind. Quite confused. But i can feel the light turbo effect.
  3. My last tank clock 770km at 80litres. Tat really amaze me. My ex GS can pump 67litres I feel really good Liao. When I manage to squeeze 79litres the first time, u can see me crawling on floor looking for a fuel leak. Really puzzle me.
  4. No petrol smell at the rear seat area. Also no leaking from the bottom. 1 litre ard 9.6km.
  5. Hi bros, any of you driving the W212 E200 Year Of Manufacture 2011? Mine is from C&C. Just this question, mine first pump was 79 litres. 2nd pump of 80 litres! I thought our tank suppose to be 59 litres? Anyone can enlighten me?
  6. Not u went to the wrong shop. Juz tat I never used the stocklist in this forum. 😁
  7. Mine workshop is in the west. Used to service my GS there. Anyway, happen to see 2 other W212 over there. Maybe u can used my labour charge as a guide. Rear differential maybe another 20k. 🙂
  8. One of the Merc stocklist in Sin Ming..
  9. Have scrap my Lexus GS300. Just took over a 2012 W212 E200CGI. As the previous guy didn't went back to C&C servicing. So i did my major servicing to play safe. I did the following replacement parts after taking over. All parts taken from stocklist. Original Merc Gear Oil X 10. $160 Original NGK Plugs X 4. $60 Original Engine Mounting X 2 $224 Original Gear Box Mounting X 1 $45 Original Gear Box Filter X 1 $35 Original Gear Box Gasket X 1 $13 Original Wipe Blade X 1 $65 Original Oil Filter X 1 $15 Original Cooler Piping X 1 $11 Coolant X 2 $19 OEM Air Filter X 1 $13 OEM Air Con Filter X 1 $21 OriginalFuel Filter With Float X 1 $380 OriginalFuel Filter Seal Ring X 1 $18 Mobil 1 0W40 Gold X 6 $108 Total part inclusive of GST: $1270 Share with you guys. Pls bear with the many photos. Parts bought from stocklist My mechanic starting to dismantle... New plugs Vs Old plugs Replacing with new plugs Air Box Old Air Filter New Air Filter See how dirty the air box is? Need to remove one of the cat to access to the engine mounting... Mounting at the right... Engine needs fresh oil. I used 1 new 4 litre turtle oil to flush my engine & away the old oil before i put the new mobil oil in. Drain away the old gear oil. Gear Box with old gear filter Gear box without filter New Gear Filter Car hoist up New Gear oil Gear oil must put into their pump to pump back into the gear box Changing the Wiper Taking out the Fuel pump & fuel filter. Then can replace with new fuel filter. Old Fuel filter I ask my mechanic to saw off the fuel filter to see how does it look inside. Now this is how it looks like after traveling 100k! See how dirty it gets? After replacing every parts, Did load test, plug in diagnosis testing to make sure everything is working fine. Total labor i was charge for doing all the above $340. (No GST) Total damage $1610.
  10. Bro Kepiting1sg, Me jus jump over from Lexus. Juz took over a used W212. Lots of scratches on the steering wheel. See liao not shiok. Last time my GS steering is wooden trim. Now thinking of changing the steering wheel. Anyway, if buy already, can share where to get it replaced? Thanks
  11. Hi bro, how much u order for this steering wheel? Thks!