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  1. COOL! You buying? Anybody wanna group buy?
  2. FYI all mercs no Android Auto yet due to information collection from the app. Only Apple Carplay is available.
  3. Where did you get your chrome strip? Did you install it yourself?

    1. ACEGabz


      Buy online. I went to workshop to install chrome strip and bootlip.

    2. ACEGabz


      Can self install if you want. They provide 3M tape but i scared 3M tape fall off

    3. Merc Fan

      Merc Fan

      So the workshop uses another kind of tape? So far those chrome I saw online are from AliExpress.com. Are they reliable chrome?

  4. How does the strip stick to the boot? Will it come off with our hot and rainy weather?

    1. ACEGabz


      I went to a workshop to do it after buying it online. And it has been about half a year under rain and sun still looks the same


  5. How is the market price around $600? When the retail price brand new is $1,218? I don't buy or sell phones but a one year old phone should not be losing half it's value IMO And you can be nice about it. Don't like what you see just go to the next trend, there is no need to be toxic about it @Angchug.
  6. Cannot. Im not sure if GLC has carplay. But my c-class coupe 2016 (oct) is unable to retrofit.
  7. IMO you can barely feel the difference if you change from 18" to 19". Unless you are changing to like 20" or even 21"
  8. Mike, thks for organizing the GB....let me help get the ball started the GB way. Keyholder 1 Keyholder 2 1) ACEGabz 1pc 2) Frozen Orange. 1pc 3) jtang 1pc 1pc 4) Hang007 1pc 1pc 5) 6) 7)
  9. Hi rickosw,

    Please add me to the telegram group 81894078.


    1. rickosw


      hi bro, i need your name and car model

    2. ACEGabz


      Gabriel. C205.

  10. Why do you need this function anyways? I dont quite understand
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