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  1. Found a set of aftermarket Pedal for sale. Direct fit. Selling for $old/..............
  2. (1) Door Pocket (front 2 only) and Center Console Divider- $old All items are for W204 (2007-2013) only.
  3. Thanks for all the PM. items (1),(2),(3) currently reserved by bro Seth.
  4. Pioneer 8850 sold. Dashkit still available. http://www.connects2.com/Product/ProductItem/CTKMB03 Selling at $150/- PM to deal.
  5. Not too sure. Car feel smoother and more eager to rev. That's all i can comment.
  6. Some pm about the piggyback, here are some info: http://www.benzline.com.sg/index.php/car-upgrade/power-performance http://www.benzline.com.sg/images/carupgrade/powerperformance/Exclusive motorsport.pdf
  7. KNN Filter- $old (1) GFB DV+- $old (2) Mach 5 Turbo Muffler- $old (3) Exclusive Motorsport ECU Piggyback- $old
  8. Selling for $600 cash and carry. Pioneer 8850 about 1.5 years old.- SOLD Connects2 dashkit allow you to control the HU with the default steering wheel control.- $150/- http://www.connects2.com/ PM to deal.
  9. Hello. Workmanship was good back then, the paint is done by Bluwell which back then is reputable. Now not very sure. They done quite a lot of BMW now, maybe you can check at BMW forum.
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