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  1. Hi Bros, I have a car cover for sale. Very good quality. Guaranteed never used since I bought it. Anyone interested?
  2. Well, I wonder why did it happen? I sent my car to C&C and it seemed nothing wrong with the car . They changed my car key battery.
  3. Hi bros, Did anyone of you encounter this display message, "Place the key in the marked space See Owner's Manual" before?
  4. It was taken a few days ago when I was at C&C. I also notice the E200 Avantgarde comes with flat wide screen speedometer and reverse camera that used to come with only E250 Avantgarde. Those who purchase E200 now are so much luckier!
  5. Mine is selenite grey with beige seats. I think your combination of black seats is not so common in Singapore.
  6. Thank you! Actually, the issue is resolved by re-setting the tyre pressure on the speedometer as advised by C&C and no need to use air pump.
  7. My concern is when I am turning in or out of a carpark as the entrance/exit tends to be curvy and narrow. I am afraid my right side may hit the curb especially when I try to slot in the 2-hour free parking coupon into the cash card machine. In order to reach the cash card machine, I tend to drive closer to the machine and this may result in me inching closer to my right and I may hit the curb with my rear right wheel.
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