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  1. hahaha ya bro been lurking around then saw this post. Quite interesting issue, trying to figure out how come his ride doesn’t comes with brake hold function.
  2. Is your ride from PI or C&C? I owned the first batch of e cabrio from C&C and comes with hold function. Whats is your vins nos? Probably can help u to check your ride data.
  3. Hi

    I'll be getting a new E200 Avantgarde (W213) soon from PI. It will come with a diamond grill upgrade provided by the PI.

    I'm interested to change to the classic grill, with a standing star emblem on the hood.

    Can this be done on this model? If can, what is the cost including labour? 

    If it is possible to do a trade-in of the diamond grill, what is the trade-in price with labour?

    Please PM me.

    Thank you.


  4. Bump for Rotor disk!! New items added 1) Brandnew wrap with matt black sticker rear spoiler for W204 SEDAN preFL & FL ONLY. 1 pce only at $150. 2) Used Original rear spoiler for w204 C COUPE only at $250.
  5. Good!! How old is your ride? AMG steering is a must does your ride comes with paddle shift? Bodykit & exhaust mods did u check with our site sponsor? Cluster is hmmmis it a must?What about BBK? Coilover, open pod filter, strutbar, rims?
  6. Brake dusts? Change the stock brake pads to cermanic pads. Else, change the entire brake set to BBK. Got one handsome seller selling his BBK set at a dirt cheap price, do check out the wts folder.
  7. Welcome!! Whats your mods plan?
  8. i intstruct my SE not to install window tint for my ride. After collected my new ride will immediately head down to Infratint our site sponsor install the window film. Their service is top notch so is their workmanship and most importantly the film able to reduce heat. Dont take my words for it, try them u will know .
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