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  1. Only will be collecting my GLA180 in nov but can I join the chat group earlier? I am now driving B180. 

    1. rickosw


      kindly send your sales agreement over, please cover your address, ic number n date of birth

      just need to see your name, dealer shop name & GLA purchase

      basically we need to see some proof of ownership


    2. Celiadet



    3. Celiadet



  2. Is your issue resolved? How was it resolved?
  3. Mine pop out this afternoon. Call SA. Told me to book appt. Earliest is 7th Aug. Will it stop car from driving?
  4. Guys. When moving off from D1 to D2 under comfort drive. I had experienced a sudden surge in speed twice since 10/4 when I step on my accelerator gently. Second was today. It only happened when I park my car after a short while and when I started to move again. Has any of the bro/sis here experience such a scenario on the W246 before? I feel I should very dangerous as what if there is a car in front of me and I can't react in time. Is there any pass issue on this gearbox for the W246 B class model?
  5. no major damage and no one injuired, just feel hear pain for new car loh.
  6. Hi Bro Tanwill. mine is a normal b180 only. Any way sending in my car next week on Monday for 3 days as my car was hit behind by a car yesterday morning..i feel I super heng getting this car. so will ask them to take a look at the brakes too. claim the party. whole bumper change out although bumper not big issue just abit misaligned.
  7. How long it takes to bed in? Actually the sound is not there when braking at hi speed. Only hears it when it moving slowly and stopping...etc. in a jam. I booked a appt on 26th to let them see as busy this week with lots of meeting. Also need them to look at my rear bumper too. Seems not aligned properly. Can see gap diff.
  8. oh. Mine is new ride and got this issue. Seems my ride not smooth.
  9. Hi Guys, Any one experience this? Some frds told me is normal because is new car and brakes. I will also feel a jerk when I step my brake slowly to stop the car when moving at slow speed. But do not experience this when is moving at high speed. Just want to seek the guys experience before going back to CNC to check.
  10. Will all Merc ride side mirror tilt when engage to reverse? Is it both mirror or just one? Just got my ride less than 2 weeks. Didn't notice that when I reverse.
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