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  1. Hi, is it true that thinkware in car cam can only use micro SD from thinkware? Was told of this when I collected my car recent. Thanks for your advise.
  2. Came across a topic similar (somewhat) to your question. FYR.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MERCEDES-cars-ECO-start-stop-OFF-just-an-OBD-plug-most-of-MB-cars-supported/252811119026?hash=item3adcb789b2:g:M~EAAOSw2iJa-n9S
  3. @RT6280 Thx again for sharing. currently in the Q awaiting collection of my W205. This info is definitely not encouraging. Let's see. Cheers.
  4. @RT6280 Bro, any early warning or did it just fail without any warning? Thx for sharing.
  5. @Prestigious Care to share the link the FB video?
  6. @tanwill Thanks for the encouraging words. Was getting disappointed by the more I read in the forum. ....rattling sound from windows ...Juddling wippers... all these are from the CORE models forum which i believe are reviews from owners... Recently committed to a pre FL W205 (last batch..clear stock) @ the Vivo roadshow.. package was rather attractive ... did little research ... hoping for the best now .... I did highlight to the SE that i am not so sure about the quality from the S.A factory ... anyway, lets see .... Thank you very much for your inout.. Appreciate it..
  7. Just committed to the pre FL W205. Just started reading the forum topics on the W205... seems like there are a lot of issues related to the quality of the vehicle... ...should have read before signing on the dotted line.....
  8. Hi bros & sis, Was wondering if the current promo for the pre FL C class a good deal? No experience here. Hope to hear your opinion. Cheers!
  9. @radar Thanks for the info. Cheers.
  10. @radar Can I also trouble you to PM me please. thank you.
  11. @petetherock Yep.. you can use the service credit. I have used it twice already... cheers
  13. Thank you all for the invaluable insights... pardon my ignorance but this 'offset' value and rim width .. for example 7.5j...is it something I can read off the current tyre?
  14. thank you all for the active discussion and suggestions.. staying on the same topic, 1) my current RFT are 205/55/R16. Will a 225/50/R17 fit well? Or do I have to visit a shop to try on the size in order to know the answer? 2) Any bro/sis upgraded from R16 to R17? if so, any critical points to look out for? Thank you for your valuable opinions..
  15. Hi Bro/Sis, Does anyone have a recommended tyre shop to go for run flat tyres? Been calling different places but i found that RFT are quite rare and the the price varies .... headache ... Thank in advance.. Cheers