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  1. Hi everyone, I am selling my C class AMG rims (18” staggered) with almost new (<1000km) CSC6 tyres for $1500 with swap of your rims. Attached the pics taken today. WhatsApp me at 98227697 to deal. Have a nice weekend.
  2. Have a new Gold iPhone Xs Max 512GB for sale. Please pm if interested.
  3. Sold. Thanks for looking.
  4. Sorry for being ambiguous of my previous qn. I was checking is it suitable for current w205 AMG steering?
  5. Hi speeddevil15, is it that you couldn't open the boot fully or sometimes it doesn't open at all? I know there is a boot compartment open limiter in the vehicle setting, it causes the boot to open partially. Maybe u activated it by mistake. Turn this setting off. hope this helps.
  6. Hi Daryl, 


    check if if this set of rims are original AMG or replicas?

    If replicas where are they from?


    if original, can I reserve and come down to take a look on Sunday?




    1. Gusty


      Btw, can fit c class w205?

  7. Hi everyone, Appreciate if anyone can share with me their knowledge on AMG rims production. Was going to purchase this set of AMG 782 from a gentleman and I was doing an inspection. The front wheels were made in Germany but the rear were made in Turkey. Is this normal? I tot they were usually made in Germany. Thanks in advance everyone. Have a nice Sunday.
  8. Seller is not sincere to deal. Initially agreed on $1k suddenly asking price above is not consistent. Now asking for $1500 (+$500 for diamond grilles). Saying many people waiting to buy from him. All those who are trying to get the kit good luck.
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