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  1. squeeze both protruding small extension at the bottom and twist. It will come out. 2 seconds job
  2. I did many things previously, stuffing foam in gap, cable tie internal glide rail, short of taking the whole seat apart, nothing works. Finally remove the headrest completely and bend the 2 metal rods inwards/outwards to create a "tightening alignment" The noise is gone completely That's what i did to my W221 after suffering for 1.5 years Easily DIY-able
  3. I spent close to $15k on various repair on the 9th year. Fingered out might as well extend COE since a lot of parts has been changed and the car is now almost "new" Never regretted so far since I extended
  4. common issue on E and S class. all engine ECU need individual programming to suit your car. Don't buy off carousel. It is not plug and play. Fix through your workshop. Recond ECU now readily available, else new ones $3K + Beside Engine ECU, there is also Transmission ECU and Brake (ESP/ABS) ECU, all cost thousands of dollars. I have replaced all 3 so far
  5. Faulty transmission ECU
  6. welcome too !
  7. I have both the E (W212) and S (W221) class concurrently I spent close to $18 k for S class repair for past 3.5 years of ownership My E class cost me $1500 so far for the past 2.5 years But the ride comfort of the S class is unbeatable. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed on my S class, cos the common issue of 7G gearbox and Engine ECU may come knocking on my door in a year or 2, which will set me back by about another $4k+ and $2k+ respectively
  8. Hard to say. All depends on luck. Even the workshop don't dare to guarantee how long. Standard warranty is usually 3 months practise by workshop.
  9. S Class: recond transmission 6k+ brand new transmission 21k+ recond transmission ECU 2k+
  10. Filter need to be removed before you spray the dettol Otherwise no matter how much dettol you spray is useless as all recirculate and get trapped in the filter again. Removing filter allows the dettol vapour to purge the internal aircond system, including condensor, fan blade/motor, air vents, and finally the cabin upholstery