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  1. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/symptoms-of-a-bad-or-failing-intake-manifold-runner-control
  2. Yes. Another common problem. Repaired mine for about 900 Can feel a loss of power before the repair.
  3. Jerking during cold start from 1st to 2nd gear is a common problem for W221. It's a 7G gear glitch. I have lived with it for 4 years already Unless you do a transmission overhaul, nothing else will remove this problem even after Transmission ECU and valve body replacement. To overcome this jerk, I simply warm up my engine for 4 to 5 mins in the morning, drive slow on 1st gear for a couple of meters while manually shift up to 2nd gear, there won't be any jerk after that. Don't straight away step on accelerator hard on 1st gear, you will still encounter a jerk.
  4. I had the same problem as you. Tortured by passenger headrest for almost 3 years. Finally couldn't tolerate, i dismantled and took the headrest out, bend the rods and put it back. The rattling and squeak is gone forever. Should have done that 3 years ago. And my rear seat centre console lock broke. I diy and replaced with magnet. It is even more convenient than the original mechanical lock now Rear strut average 5 - 8 years, front, 3 - 5 years, depending on your driving style.
  5. all merc from 2006 (s class) and 2009 (the rest) are equipped with this
  6. I have spent 25k from my 7th to 10th year of ownership. And you're right, I decided to renew coe since I already spent so much and all the old expensive parts changed are now brand new. It should last another 10 years. And my previous old E class clocked about 500,000 km . So merc can usually last long. Imagine in Europe average usage is about 30 to 40k km a year and many keep their cars beyond 10 years. Unless u get a brand new S class, getting another 2nd hand car you never know what's going to change next. So stick to the one that u been changing out so many parts, at least u know those parts that is changed will likely last a long time
  7. yes but your pick up and fuel consumption will suffer at the expense of good handling 245/40/18 front and back is good enough unless your rim is staggered
  8. Likely transmission ECU faulty. Damage - around $2800 for new piece include programming
  9. Go for Tuff Kote Dinol rust proof, a must for pre 1990's car
  10. 245/40/18
  11. squeeze both protruding small extension at the bottom and twist. It will come out. 2 seconds job
  12. I did many things previously, stuffing foam in gap, cable tie internal glide rail, short of taking the whole seat apart, nothing works. Finally remove the headrest completely and bend the 2 metal rods inwards/outwards to create a "tightening alignment" The noise is gone completely That's what i did to my W221 after suffering for 1.5 years Easily DIY-able
  13. I spent close to $15k on various repair on the 9th year. Fingered out might as well extend COE since a lot of parts has been changed and the car is now almost "new" Never regretted so far since I extended