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  1. Dear bro! I own Benz s300 hybrid/diesel year 2016. First I want to let  brother know  that my Benz have a problem with tcm (transmission control module).my mechanic told me after he check the car via his computer and we need to change it and reprogramming it. But after we change the new tcm , we need to reprogram. When we do the program, it requires 2 points (1) idled speed need to lower than 800rpm (2)the hybrid battery need more than 35% to complete the program. And the problem right now is my hybrid battery is only 34% and they try to charge it but it is not success. It still only 34%. So please help me. Any recommendations for that problem ? Thanks

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  2. Nothing will happen. I start and use my car only once a month, or at most twice a month
  3. I'm on Mandrus arrow for my W221 for past 3 years. Although made in china, quality is good, finishing is nice, no problem with balancing and easy to wash due to design
  4. Transmission ECU may be giving way. Damage for a new one approx $2.8k Do a scan first. If lucky, problem may be as simple as just only a wheel speed sensor.
  5. If your rpm fluctuates and end up too low and then stall, likely your engine ECU is faulty. Very common problem for W221. A faulty ECU will give you all sorts of component error, pinpointing to the wrong diagnosis by the mechanics.
  6. Check your tyre thread and check your front suspension
  7. These are oiled filter. The oil will get into your mass airflow sensor / oxygen sensor and cause issue
  8. This is how it looks on my diagnostic tool for intake manifold broken. Instead of just receiving a bunch of fault codes which you still have to decode it online, a good tool gives you the detail problems in words
  9. pick up is sluggish with broken manifold. Will be able to detected in diagnostic test, depending on how good is your diagnostic tool. I won't suggest buying a basic diagnostic tool. Spend a bit more to get a detailed one. I got a Icarsoft MBII tool for about $300. This diagnosis details is almost on par with original mercs diagnostic software used by most workshop. Important to have one especially if you travel to Malaysia. Allows you to temporary clear faults and continue driving until you reach back SG workshop
  10. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/symptoms-of-a-bad-or-failing-intake-manifold-runner-control
  11. Yes. Another common problem. Repaired mine for about 900 Can feel a loss of power before the repair.
  12. Jerking during cold start from 1st to 2nd gear is a common problem for W221. It's a 7G gear glitch. I have lived with it for 4 years already Unless you do a transmission overhaul, nothing else will remove this problem even after Transmission ECU and valve body replacement. To overcome this jerk, I simply warm up my engine for 4 to 5 mins in the morning, drive slow on 1st gear for a couple of meters while manually shift up to 2nd gear, there won't be any jerk after that. Don't straight away step on accelerator hard on 1st gear, you will still encounter a jerk.
  13. I had the same problem as you. Tortured by passenger headrest for almost 3 years. Finally couldn't tolerate, i dismantled and took the headrest out, bend the rods and put it back. The rattling and squeak is gone forever. Should have done that 3 years ago. And my rear seat centre console lock broke. I diy and replaced with magnet. It is even more convenient than the original mechanical lock now Rear strut average 5 - 8 years, front, 3 - 5 years, depending on your driving style.