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  1. BMW 116D Wagner Intercooler Installed. On of the lightest and most efficient Intercoolers available.
  2. Introducing Interstar PowerPedal - A simple, Bluetooth-enabled Plug-N-Play device that changes the way your pedal interacts with your car’s acceleration mode. These acceleration modes greatly improve the driving dynamics of your car by improving acceleration response and removing any dreaded turbo lag. All these while safely protecting your car’s electronic throttle modules (electronic injection, ABS, etc.). 3 Acceleration modes : • Dynamic mode - Improved response up to 25%. • Sport mode - Improved response up to 50%. • Race mode - Improved response up to 75%.
  3. Mercedes C63: Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement + Factory TPMS Replacement + ECU & Transmission Remap.
  4. Wagner Intercooler Installed. One of the lightest and most efficient intercoolers in the world.
  5. Quaife LSD: Drastically reduces wheel spins and effectively improving traction. An awesome upgrade for power-up rides.
  6. Mercedes CLA200 Pop & Crackle Map Loaded.
  7. Enkei RS05RR Lightweight Performance Wheels (made in Japan) available at a very special price this month. Enquire now!
  8. New BMW G Series 520D: BMW M Performance brake kit installed.
  9. Intercooler Upgrade for improved turbo-charged air cooling efficiency. Before: After:
  10. Mercedes E250 Monster Tuned on our in-house AWD Mustang Dyno with road load simulation for utmost accuracy. No CEL, No DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), No Overboost problems that requires frequent return-jobs, No over-inflated Dyno numbers. Just pure driving pleasure with great long term reliability.
  11. Mercedes C180 Monster Tuned.
  12. Mercedes C180 Monster Tuned.
  13. Alientech updated with a brand new interface and protocols. BMW F Series OBD flashing (stealth to dealership tools) is now made possible.
  14. Monster Tune wishes everyone a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year!