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  1. Mercedes E250 came by seeking our assistance to diagnose several issues that it was plagued with after it was tuned by another local tuner who has minimal experience with continental makes. Owner claimed he felt that his car actually lost power after the tune. We proceeded to dyno the car with road load simulation and it was making about 171hp and 296nm (at the crank est). We then removed the unichip and ran the car on the Dyno again to measure its stock power. It measured a shocking 173hp & 302nm. It actually made more power and torque without the tune. Here is the graph. After all necessary data was collected, we went on to retune the car. And here is the result. The car gained 18hp and a whopping 45nm extra more torque (at the crank est) over the previous tune. No CEL (check engine light), no DTC (diagnostic trouble codes), no boost cuts, no ECU failures etc. Just a good clean tune with good power delivery across the rev range.
  2. Yes, can be done. But exhaust need to be modified for best effect sound wise. Please contact us via pm or email us at if you need more info. Best Regards, MT
  3. Mercedes A45 making some serious noise!
  4. Mercedes A45 making some serious noise!
  5. Mercedes E200: Rotors & Brake Pads Replaced.
  6. Mercedes CLA180 Monster Tuned. No CEL, No engine cylinder knock limit errors, No overboost errors, No boost cut issues, No ice-cream stories. Just a strong and reliable tune, Period!
  7. Mercedes A250 Custom Pop & Crackle Map Loaded For Some Good Fun.
  8. Mercedes A250 Custom Pop & Crackle Map Loaded For Some Good Fun.
  9. CLA180 Monster Tuned
  10. Mercedes SL350 Monster Tuned.
  11. Porsche Boxster Monster Tuned.
  12. An interesting test displaying the accuracy of the Mustang Dyno (we use the same Dyno for all our tunes): 1/4 mile drag race timing on actual track: 15.666 seconds 1/4 mile acceleration timing simulated on the Mustang Dyno: 15.600 seconds.
  13. Mercedes SL350 ABS Module Replaced.
  14. XXX Tuned Golf R Mk6 came by for a fiery Monster retune! XXX tuner wasn't able to program the O2 sensor off for a decatted exhaust setup on such an old ECU and this is very worrying to any well educated car owner. In any case, we achieved what was requested of us on the same day within the hour and here is the result. #volkswagen #golfr #monstertune #Say_No_To_Kindergarten_Level_Tuners