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  1. Audi TT Mk3 8S Monster Tuned 454HP & 601NM at the crank est. 1) TTE470 Hybrid Turbocharger 2) MST Performance Intake System 3) MST Performance Turbo Muffler Delete 3) Forge Motorsport Diverter Valve 4) Forge Motorsport Intercooler #tte #theturboengineers #mstperformance #audi #ttmk3 #mqb #monstertune
  2. Mercedes C180 Monster Tuned.
  3. Apologies. Way too many cars! Thanks for helping to point that out. Much appreciated.
  4. Mercedes C250 Monster Tuned
  5. Thanks heaps for your very kind words and support. It means a lot to the Monster Tune team! Do Keep in touch!
  6. Thanks for helping out with the reply (spot on) and sorry for missing out on mlee0088’s questions.
  7. Mercedes C180 Monster Tuned.
  8. Glad to report that many months after cleaning and fixing up the previous tune, car is still running well. Bottom line is, a good tune must be a reliable one. Frequent trips back to the garage just hinders the enjoyment of the car.
  9. BMW G30 540i Installed with AP Racing Radi-CAL II 6 Pot Big Brake Kit.
  10. Mercedes C180 POP & CRACKLE ALS Map loaded. Get it done right with the pros. #mercedes #benz #c180 #w205 #monstertune #pop #crackle #dont_want_to_eat_no_crackers
  11. Mercedes CLA180 Monster Tuned with actual road load simulation (extremely accurate measurement of power output). 204HP & 386NM est. at the crank. +66HP & +132NM est. at the crank. No CEL, No Overboost errors, No DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), No happy over-inflated Dyno power figures.
  12. MST Performance Intake System Installed.
  13. A rare but absolutely gorgeous Infiniti Q60 Coupe came by for a tune.
  14. Monster Tune + MST Performance + Wossner Pistons at 2018 AMPA Taiwan
  15. Monster Tune + MST Performance + Wossner Pistons at 2018 AMPA Taiwan