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  1. REDUCED TO $299!!! Practically a steal at this price... Been taking up too much space in my storeroom hence this bargain basement price. Perfect for those who are selling their W221s with AMG/expensive rims so you can swap these on before your sale / if you're driving a W211/W212/W220. First PM with a definitive "I will take it!" (rather than asking to reserve for 4 months/etc) takes this bargain! These are original MB rims and not replicas
  2. Price reduced! Perfect steal for dekitting your expensive rims for export/sale or for older merc models!
  3. Thanks for the clarification bro Still available!
  4. As per title, selling a set of 17" rims with tyres taken off a PFL W221 S300L. Tyres are Michellin Primacy 3 235/55 R17, thread roughly 60% left. I have seen them on W220s/W211s/W212s. Good for those dekitting or for other models. Asking $650 $299, interested please PM me. Cheers