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  1. Mine started as an intermittent issue before becoming more regular. No fixed scenario when it will happen. Can be just cruising happily and suddenly lost power.
  2. Exact same symptoms. Went to Chip Soon to have it checked. The turbo actuator was leaking so got it changed and the problem was resolved. Fyi, before I went to CS, I went to 2 other workshops and both recommended to change the whole turbo. Went to CS for 3rd opinion and they saved me a fortune.
  3. Rims sold. Thanks for all the interests!
  4. Price reduced to $800. PM to deal.
  5. Tyres sold separately. Left with rims. $900 slightly negotiable.
  6. Price reduced to $1200 for rims & tyres together. PM to deal.
  7. I am opened to selling the tyres separately as I currently have an offer for rims only. Please PM me your price if you are interested in 4 x Falken Azenis 453, 225/35/R19 (used for 1 month only and traveled 500+km).
  8. Bro, can i have your contact or you call me at 96645633

  9. Rims are not staggered. Price negotiable.
  10. Selling 19" Gunmetal Rims only. No kerb rash at all. Rims : Offset ET35, 19 x 8.5j Looking for $900. $800. PM me if interested.
  11. Hi, I'm considering getting a 2008 SLK200. Understand that there are 2 versions - 160 bhp and 181 bhp. Search the Internet and if my understanding is correct, the face-lift version have both engine variants. Anyone can advise how to differentiate between them visually or otherwise? Thanks in advanced!
  12. Going to have it check over the weekend. Hopefully not so serious in my case. *Fingers crossed*
  13. Anyone can recommend a reliable and reasonably priced workshop that can diagnose and repair turbo issue? Sent my car to C&C last week for recall campaign. Was told that the diagnostics flagged out an issue with the Turbo. Still can drive but was recommended to make a separate appointment to repair it. Last evening I felt a sudden lost of power and the car behaved like a NA car i.e. no turbo kicked in when down shift, just rev up and acceleration was slow. After I stopped at the traffic junction, the turbo came back again when moving off. Anyone encountered similar problem before?
  14. Interesting. Is it just a change in the display? It is touch screen I presume? Can pm me the damage if not convenient to post? Does it work with the reverse camera also?
  15. Besides the additional weight, the sunroof will reduce the headroom as well. Will be a consideration point if you are on the taller side.