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  1. Pads were from Chip Soon which I believe to be MB original. I brought it to them to check after a week and they said that the disc needs to be changed to prevent squeaking. I read that skimming doesn’t really help? i was looking at buying from a stockist and paying labour but Chip Soon doesn’t allow BYOP. Any suggestions bros I’m open to hear
  2. Hi bros, any recommendation to: 1. Buy parts (See most bros say Goldenlink) 2. Most importantly, which workshop to do which only charge labour cost? I am at 50,000KM for my w205 and my discs seems to have squeaking sound and slight vibration. I only just change the pads hence I believe it's the disc.
  3. Hi. East side chip Soon allows us to bring our parts? Can share normal servicing cost and parts to buy and where to buy? Thank you Bros for the PM in adv. My w205 45,000 coming up soon.
  4. Where do you get your parts bro? And which workshop to share?
  5. Hello bros. Can I check how much does it cost to change the brake pads of w205 c180 at 35k mileage? Rough estimate? C&C quoted me $1,000
  6. Hi all bros, think much have been discussed between these 2 kinds of tires. Could all bros reply accordingly now what tires they are currently using? For e.g., just replying RFT or Normal/Conventional will do. Of course if you have comments on it please advise. My current stock is given by C&C, CSC5 I am looking at Primacy 3 ST or Primacy 3 ZD depending on your votes and comments for replacement. Thank you!~
  7. Should be made in South Africa. Yea hope to get some feedback. Causing me a lot of time and effort. Lol
  8. Hi everyone. As of today, 6 months of owning my brand new c180 w205, i encountered another error on my display. December 16 - Collected car Jan 17 - Driver seat cover (side) came off feb 17 - Passenger seat cover (side) came off march 17 - undercarriage cover cake off due to heavy rain or so what they told me may 17 - wiper fluid cannot come out, they said the pump spoil June 17 - wiper tank leak, hence display show, pls top up wiper fluid, I use two bottles of soap then realized it is leaking to the floor. Now, display shows, please top up coolant. Is this Mercedes standard? I am not enjoying this. Can we use lemon law to ask for an exchange?
  9. for this amount, it can be done for apple as well? its a good deal!
  10. Collect my new ride this morning 11am at C&C showroom. Happy man now! Will post pictures soon. May i ask the bros here, how does the car essential care package work? My SE mentioned basic polishing is done however the car essential care package has to be done separely by their vendor (third party i assume) Do we need to call or book a slot with the vendor? I didn't manage to ask SE as I was rushing out hence the whole session has been just teaching me about the features.
  11. nearby @ Jalan Pergam
  12. Yes, I have been through that, May 2016 ordered. It's been an orgasmic wait.
  13. Hey sure bro, I stay in the east area, near SIA training centre
  14. Hi everybros, Collecting my new obsidian black ride this week Looking forward to learning new tips and tricks from all the knowledgeable seniors here. Been with Japanese made for the past 9 years Hope to meet up and get a sgmerc decal soon
  15. Hi bro, is your AMG rims sold?