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  1. I sent to cycle they diagnose that one of the harness fails that explains the engine checklight being turned on. The jerking is the vehicle in limp mode preveting me from overdriving.
  2. Hi guys, my c200 recently experienced a jerky change of gear especially in 3rd to 4th gear, the gear will always stuck at 3rd gear without moving to the 4th despite rpm over 3.5 in comfort mode. And the whole car keep jerking and the engine checklight just lighted up not long ago. This morning i brought the car to the eorkshop which they run a diagnostic test and they can’t seems to find any fault code. Could someone advise me what could be the reason? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Speed Haus, How much for 2011 c180 cgi 1.8? Please Pm Me. Thanks
  4. Hi all, Just bought a used c180 (W204) Hope to learn more about German Technology! Cheers! Regis
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