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  1. New GLA suppose to come with Android Auto as standard but apparently that's not the case. Air play also hit and miss. Mitsubishi advertised their new SUV comes with Air play I dun think it will be a hit and miss. Merc no command also very common. Every option also must use 3rd party service.
  2. Looking at front strut. Who carry them locally? Auto Spritz?
  4. I am keen on Android auto. Sign me up if got lobang. 2017 vehicles suppose to with AA but...... Yeah the car play/AA activation tool from eBay not very expensive. Posted in the Ice forum under Android Auto.
  5. RSVP for 9tro Alliance Meet Singapore - Last Mega Car Club Meet Up for 2017 1) Roxxi - GLA 2) Dark Saint - C Klass 3) Datok Alvin- C Klass 4) President Jimmy - E63S 5) EOS - C Klass 5) Alex Lee - C Klass 6) Goh - GLA 7) Toh - E klass 8) Kenneth - C Klass Coupe 9) Jeremy - CLA 10) William - CLA 11) Ceno - C Klass 12) Derick - E Klass Koup 13) Alvin - C Klass 14) Desmond - C63 FlagShip Kar 15) Darren - C Klass 16) Julian - CLA 17) Big Boss Clement - Too Many MB to choose 18) Lex - C Klass Koup 19) Kenneth - C Klass Koup 20) Brendon - E Klass 21) Roland - GLA Please add me
  6. Maybe you can see the thread below. I am looking at android auto which essentially uses the same tool.
  8. Car play and AA is supposed to be "standard' but only certain cars are fitted either or. This month cars dun come with it. Can anyone check if can MO with AD or other solutions. Paying $3000 for after market is " ahem" for something that is suppose to be standard.
  9. That will be an issue. Mapping will be gone I suppose.
  10. It's quite ex just to do 1 dent.
  11. OIC so just the downpipe will do. AMG cost per hp very high.
  12. I collected about 5 so 1 shot do about $20 per dent. Also depends how big and how deep.. And I know him for more then a decade.
  13. Yeah at most 95% Ah Lye normally 100%.
  14. Does AMG comes with the LTA cert?
  15. Ah Lye was there way before PDR and he is skillful enough to do the sculpted line part