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  1. On 3/21/2019 at 7:07 PM, matchII said:

    A C200 w205 cc1991 is listed stock at 181hp, 300NM.

    After tuning, n mods my c200 is going @ 350hp, 585nm. 


    How much more, if any do u think I can push the engine block?


    Depends on the number of stickers you can stick on your car. Stickers on windshield will give you more horses. 

  2. 11 hours ago, Ashtrax said:

    Hola, Just gotten myself a W205 Y2014 model. Mileage around 30,000 I would like to know if there are any good recommended workshop that able to retrieve history of this car? 

    Issues I found so far driving.

    1. Ranting sound when i'm driving at sound occur at both driver and passenger door lower the window glass a little it completely gone. Knowing it a known issue would like to request how you guys fix it?

    2. Rear left Handle light need to be replace anyone have good recommendation to get it fix?

    3. Upon starting of car there a click click sound coming from the centre console. Anyone face this issue?

    4. Would like to check the shock suspension too.


    1. Apply some lub to the top of the window.  


    Hope this helps

  3. 23 hours ago, Ivo said:

    I am just curious if anyone uses a portable car polisher and if that really helps than manual polishing by hand and cloth. Manually polishing my W205 now but I am thinking of getting a handheld polisher when the E class arrives..

    If your intent is just to make polishing easier then the portable ones (assume 12voltd)are ok. For paint correction you will need higher power ones for the speed and you will need proper pads for the task. Also if used incorrectly it may burn the paint. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Daveevan said:

    Congrats on your new ride. 

    1. Not normal

    2. Not normal. Looks like its dangerous! 

    3. Not normal but i have the same issue.  Sent in 5 times and had to leave the car overnight.  Not fixed.

    Do share if you get it fixed and how. Allthe sa i have dealt with are rubbish. 


    8 hours ago, Daveevan said:

    Hi to all, new to the forum, hope that i had posted in the right channel or topic.

    Current drive: C180 ( W205 )

    Will be doing my first 15000km service soon. Any better C&C service centre to recommend to go to?

    Current issues :

    1) digital clock always out of sync. Need to set almost every 2 days ( is it common )

    2) passenger door unlock by itself during driving ( 2 times )

    3) when car is slowing down and changing gear from 4th to 2nd gear, can feel the jerking movement ( is this common )

    Feel free to chip-in your thoughts, greatly appreciated.


  5. Cause for me is the windows rubbing against the seal. U can test it by cracking the windows open. If no sound then you should have the same problem as me.

    Try to apply a little spray wax att the edge of the window.  It should work for about a week. Take it as part of your car wash routine. 

    Brought it in to cnc 3 times still not solved.  

  6. On 8/7/2017 at 7:33 PM, algergohce said:

    Recently changed mine to normal Michelin PS4 at about 23k KM. Much quieter and better grip. The tyre shop had quite a bit of difficulty removing the stock run flats from the rims because the side walls were so hard. For added peace of mind, carry tyre patching kits (canister type) or do puncture prevention coating. 

    any experience with the puncture prevention coating? am thinking of changing to normal tyres too.

  7. On 2/25/2016 at 8:22 AM, jtang said:

    This is called the Residual Heat Function. It's used in winter to keep the car warm for approximately 30min after the engine has been switched off .....using the heat from the engine itself. The blower will run at low speed regardless of airflow setting.

    This feature can be disabled. Go look at your manual & search for this function.

    Simply press the REST button at the aircon buttons, make sure the light goes off.

    Have read thru the manual.  But cannot find the button. Gueas car not equipped with this feature but cabin still feels warm.

  8. used to have this issue, disabled the auto start-stop and smell beginning to go away.

    when the engine stops, the ac capacity decreases, resulting in condensation which may lead to mold in the ac vents.

    also try to park car in a well ventilated place too, like someone mentioned earlier. dont know why car seems to trap moisture.

    try to drive car w windows down and ac on and temp set to hi for about 10 minutes on the expressway to help eliminate the smell.

    hope this helps.

  9. 3 hours ago, blackhicks said:

    5 months passed, still can't get used to the bumpiness so decided to get all wheels changed to non RFT. 

    On normal roads, seems better but can't quantify the % improvement. On Highway, the ride is noticeably less bumpy. I think this is probably the limit of what softer tyres can do. To really push the envelope, I think replacing stock suspension is the only way.

    Currently looking at KW Street comfort. In 2018, with new workshop ruling in place, C&C can no longer void warranty for jobs done at 3rd party workshop. I think this would mean that once I get my suspension changed,  only that warranty is voided and not my entire car. After all, 3 years? I think it is very unlikely for a suspension to break down and be eligible for in-warranty replacement. 


    Changing to coil overs sounds extreme and may not really improve ride quality imho.

    Perhaps the way to better ride quality may be to downside the rims and get higher profile tires.

  10. 7 hours ago, Simonlim said:



    as attached, I tried autosol, brasso, and tooth paste and turtle polish 


    nothing works


    please please help


    wow, looks bad :(

    3 methods, from the conventional to extreme!

    Method A: have experienced good results from this
    Things you need
    microfiber clotheX2
    rubbing compound, ! used meguiars ultimate compound
    1. clean the affected chrome parts
    2. TAPE OFF THE PAINTED AREAS, leaving the chrome parts exposed as compounding will remove you sealant/wax
    3. apply the rubbing compound and buff with some strength the affected areas, small sections, dont allow the rubbing compound to dry
    4. wipe off with the other microfiber cloth.
    if the dullness fades, repeat step 3 and 4 till satisfied

    Method B: have tried this on the taps at home
    Things you need
    microfiber clotheX2
    Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 95%, can get from most pharmacies (some say use girlfriend's nail polish remover also can but i havent tried)
    1. clean the affected chrome parts
    2. TAPE OFF THE PAINTED AREAS, leaving the chrome parts exposed to prevent damaging your paint work
    3. apply the toothpaste  and buff with some strength the affected areas, small sections
    4. wipe off with the other microfiber cloth.
    if the dullness dullness fades, repeat step 3 and 4 till satisfied

    Method C: this is extreme. try at your own risk. have seen it work on rusted bike parts
    Things you need
    Cola (low sugar content)
    aluminum foil
    1. clean the affected chrome parts
    2. TAPE OFF THE PAINTED AREAS, leaving the chrome parts exposed to prevent scratching your paint work
    3. pour coke to the affected areas
    4. bunch up the aluminum foil and rub the affected areas
    5. pour remaining coke into cup and enjoy the shine when completed
    if the dullness fades, repeat step 3 and 4 till satisfied

    good luck and share results :)

  11. On 12/8/2017 at 11:39 PM, Simonlim said:

    Hi Guys

    i am a new owner. I got the problem with the chrome window trim. Is tarnished. Tried autosol and turtle metal polish..both doesn’t work. Any other solution ? Help needd

    Pls post pic so that we can tell what can be done to help.

    Im general, a polish should be able to remove common defects.  If using non automotive polish ,tape up the paint work near the chrome strips to avoid it getting on  the paint work