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  1. 130. did not use lasershades
  2. Informed the sa of the noise when the car was sent for its service a. Was told need to leave the car there for 2 days. Maybe schedule this for services b when there are more issues and resolve them once and for all then
  3. Loos like the best deal for w205 sunshades. Heard from them that 8 w205s were there yesterday afternoon. Works as a su shade should.
  4. the noise on my car was greatly reduced (almost to no noise) at about 12k km
  5. Currently is at 186,888 for the c180. Sgcarmart should be a good place to look.
  6. The most common cavest is must take loan and insurance.
  7. i always disable it first thing after i start the engine. reasons stated in other post. but for your info, on a very very cool day (~24deg) it lasted 45 seconds. engine started before light turned green. without aircon, it lasted for a very long time.
  8. what tires are those?
  9. I noticed that they beeps are louder when the front is approaching an obstacle. The thing will only beep when the indicators are in the red zone , ie too damn near already .
  10. oh, thats unfortunately, must have been a deep dent. take care..
  11. nothing much you can do without evidence. shouldnt need to change door. just fix the dents. hopefully no need to do any painting. good luck.
  12. oh, swirl marks. wish i could have helped you earlier. should be able to remove with polish and some elbow grease. remember to use the tissue method in future
  13. Tske tissue paper cover the dropping. Pour some water over tissue. let the water soak n soften the droppings for 5 minutes then pick up the tissue w the droppings .
  14. To me, steering wheel seems a bit left of center of the seat
  16. Sports mode should stiffen up the suspension does if your car has airmatic suspension. bring it in to get it looked at. 2 years battery life is a bit short but depends on your usage. Based on singapore traffic, stuck in traffic type of driving, short commutes and the hot clomate then seems quite reasonable.
  17. dont think that cnc has a large inventory of cars. most of their "ex-stock" simply means that they have already that particular car/color on order from factory.
  18. think little chance, in fact be glad if its not delayed.
  19. Water spots are most frequently created when hard water is left on a surface, most can be removed with a good car wash or at most a good clay-polish-wax session.
  20. They have a spreadsheet showing the penalties for early redemption. if i remembered correctly the penalty (redeem after 1 year)is about 3k more than then freebies. this is based on a 80k 5yr loan.
  21. just to share whats on the Operator's Manual and not based on some hear say.
  22. Operator's Manual says to take it easy for the first 1500km. your rep may have mis-informed you.
  23. should be on your sales agreement