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  1. Had the same issue but my car's leak was from the fuel tank area. Brought it to CNc, they claimed was seepage from the fuel pump and changed it under warranty. Gas mileage improved by 10%. Also happened on my friend's w205 too. Guess it's a common problem.
  2. Depends on the number of stickers you can stick on your car. Stickers on windshield will give you more horses.
  3. Very likely is a converter fault. My friend had the same issue and got his converter replaced under warranty
  4. 1. Apply some lub to the top of the window. Hope this helps
  5. If your intent is just to make polishing easier then the portable ones (assume 12voltd)are ok. For paint correction you will need higher power ones for the speed and you will need proper pads for the task. Also if used incorrectly it may burn the paint.
  6. try to reset transmission http://www.mercedesmedic.com/reset-mercedes-benz-transmission-procedure-instructions/
  7. How long were you driving for when that prompt came out? I have driven to pagoh on ns hw without being prompted
  8. Cause for me is the windows rubbing against the seal. U can test it by cracking the windows open. If no sound then you should have the same problem as me. Try to apply a little spray wax att the edge of the window. It should work for about a week. Take it as part of your car wash routine. Brought it in to cnc 3 times still not solved.
  9. Might be caused by carpets and seats. Try wet vacuum and interior detailing.
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